Thursday, 31 December 2009


Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.8

(+)pros:-execllent skill graphics,-great character design,-great mob and boss detail, - huge environments to explore,-massive PK and PVP system,- no penalties when dieing,- good party share system

(-)cons:-most PKers in any online game that I have ever seen,- very non-user friendly

Gameplay time:200 hours+(near infinite gameplay)

A great online game, dekaron. A strikingly good MMORPG with great characters, mobs, skills and more. Dekaron is sure to provide a fun experience to many players, at least until lvl 70(which is alot). This review mostly points to dekaron SEA and points taken will be from it. Though it is quite behind many other versions of dekaron this is the one I played, so I can apply my experience and opinion towards it. Well, nothing else to say, lets get the ball rolling.

Dekaron was pre-named 2 moons before its pre-release version, and it is still called that for USA players. Well as the game title suggests the story is about 2 moons coming together and some catastrophe shit occuring. Well I dont know much about the story since its an MMO. Anyway, you get to pick from 6 characters. Once again pretty average amount, same as cabal. Knight, your basic swords person. Warrior, a martial artist type character. Mage, master of elemants. Segnale, a basic cleric / support type character. Summoner, a warrior/mage hybrid which calls on help of monsters. Lastly, the hunter, deadly fighters both up close and afar.

Graphic wise dekaron isnt bad for a free MMORPG. It loses to cabal but on its own it boasts pretty good graphical mehcanics. The shine and gleam to the knight's armor or the design and markings on warrior's big armor pieces, they all look good thx to dekaron's grahpics. Even the sexy armors of the female characters are good looking. Mob wise the designs are pretty good too. There is a variety of monsters to fight and there are almost no repeats to the monsters. Some of the monster designs are nice, and they are pretty detailed. Bosses are without a doubt, greatly made as well, some towering 10-20x above your character, they are nice looking and good to fight.
Another thing that shines along with the graphics are the skills. The obtaining of skills is easy, just get to the lvl requirement of the skill, sacrifice a small amoun of money, and the skill is yours. Nothing fancy needed. Also, the skills in dekaron are nice, though low lvl skills look mediocre and pathetic, the later level skills are great and very well animated. From summoner's dark avatar to the mage's aqua circle, these skills are great eye openers and players wontmind seeing them over and over.

Along with the skills that players will be using on mobs, they will of course want to test it on players. Thats right, there is a PVP and PK system in this game. Every character has thier own shield, which protects them from player dmg. When players attack you, instead of attacking your HP like normal mobs do, you take damage to your shield 1st. This way PVP/PK battles last longer, giving players more excitement.
Sure PVPs are fun, so is PKing but...there is a small issue. There are MANY, MANY MANY high level faggots in dekaron. And they LOVE to PK you. Dekaron is the game where I have been pked the most, for no apparent reason at all. While training quitely and innocently, when a pro happens to walk past, theres a 50% chance he will PK your ass.Its a bad habit players of the game have, and when you get stronger you will develop this habit as well. Other than that the game is very non user friendly. With boss mobs randomly spawning around to kill you, along with hordes of monsters usually coming up to gang the daylights out of you, dekaron is extremely non user friendly. Its like the GMs want you to die.

Other than that dekaron is quite a pleasing MMORPG with a lot of fun. Training is pretty managable early on, and winning people in PVPs, successfully fending off Pkers, defeating bosses..all these become very very satisfactory. With motivations such as new armor or skills to keep you training, dekaron becomes addictive quickly.

Happy gaming.