Sunday, 15 November 2009

etrian oddyssey RE

Gamespot score:7.8(good)

my score:8.2

(+)pros:-can be cusmomized very in depth by choosing which skills to add,-many floors to explore which include 5 extra floors for post game exloration,-many different variety of characters and jobs to choose from,-abnormal difficulty amount keeps players determined to train and play on further,-fairly good amount of deep and dark story.

(-)cons:-difficulty may sometimes turn players off,-wanting to play as new jobs like ronnin or hexer means retraining(which is anoying).

gameplay time:50 hours+(long)

Im on a roll! Reviews just keep coming.Anyway this is the re-do version of the etrian odyssey review. This is a game that has suprising diffulty that although annoying,will keep players coming back for more and more.It has an undeniable charm that keeps drawing people to play it.

Etria,a town like no other,execpt for a labrynth that it is popular for.The travelers around the world come to explore it.One day,you,a traveler like any other,comes to etria hoping to conquer the labrynth.The story goes on as you create a guild of travelers to explore the damn dungeon of doom,meeting other travelers and learning the deep,dark mystery of the formation of the labrynth.....The story is inexistant at first,but gets more deep,dark and mysterious as you progress through and meet other travlers.This is one of the reasons why etrian oddyssey captivates its players(such as myself) to keep on playing.

This is the battle screen,but I wont explain it now.For now I will explain the bottom part of the picture.the touch screen area.That is the map for the floor you are on.I absolutely LOVE the map system,every time you take a step,you must,with your stylus,draw a map for that step you took,and every other step you will take.Then after tons of walking,you will have completed the map for that floor!It may sound normal,but it's actually alot of fun.You can pinpoint any crap icon you have on the touch screen as well! Like if you notice a FOE,which is horrifyingly powerful monster roaming around,you can note that area with a monster icon,indicating that a FOE is there so that you can be more wary when you navigate around that area.

Now on to the battle system.The battle system,is like any other RPG,which runs by the turn by turn system. You input what to do for each character,and let the turn run,watching the outcome of your actions.Of course,the enemies get a turn too,during the running of the turn,monsters hit you with attacks of thier own.And here comes the difficulty facotr of the game,monsters that hit you will mostly do insane damage that can chuck off around 1/2 of one character's HP or even more.Thats why staying at one floor to grind until your level reaches a certain level which makes training easier is always a must. Normal monsters are already this hard,so FOEs and bosses will slaughter you,yup its true.These guys are so hard that I won't even go on to them.

Okay,this is the character screen,you can see skill points under the tab.Thats where character custimisation comes in,you can add the points into the tons of skills available for the characters,making protectors into tanker-build or the attacker-build,or making alchemists fire type,ice type or hybrids.Its just like an MMORPG,just on a portable console.You can have up to a five man party,with members in the front or back rows.Protectors and ronnins go up front,and obviously medics and alchemists go to the back.Survivalists and other jobs can go to the back or attack up front.These strategies can be thought up and one can spend ours thinking about it.

Etrian odyssey,despite its cute character presentation,is a brutal dungeon crawling RPG that can provide casual fun to RPG players and even to RPG veterans.It is a good dungeon crawler RPG that provides long gameplay hours,

Happy gaming.