Wednesday, 18 November 2009

best game character:18 november 09

Today's best game character is Jin from the tekken series.I have been following the tekken series for a long time and have always found jin to be be a cool and powerful guy.Jin is the probably the main character of the tekken series from 3 to 6,and each game throughly explains his background info and his existence in the games.

Despite all that jin has quite an interesting background,which gives one reason for why he qualifies for best game character.In tekken 3 he used the mishima style,and was powerful,but after that in tekken 4 he abandoned that and pursued his own fighting style to defeat kazuya,which he did in tekken 4,and that made him become devil jin(more on that later).In tekken 5 he tries to supress the devil within and just fight normally,and he defeated jinpachi(the current king of iron fist then),which made him the new head of mishima zaibatsu.In tekken 6 the game starts revolving around him as he wages war around the world to make them recognize his power.

Jin has quite a personality,which changes from time to time,at first he has a determined personality,which he wants to complete his objective no matter what,in tekken 6 he gets the "cool" personality,which he critisies everyone who loses to hi as weak and tells them to face reality.

Jin fights with his fists(and feet of course).He uses the kazama fighting style which he developed in the 4th game of the tekken series.He isn't exactly very strong...his moves are very basic,like simple roundhouses and maybe a series of painful punches but thats all,but it is suprisingly effective.His moves may be simple,but they sure pack a damn hell of a punch.

It doesnt just stop here,as I said above jin can become a devil.There is another side to him called devil jin.Though not as cool and collected as the original,devil jin is much stronger than plain old jin.This shows that he is actually very powerful,he just hides it.

Jin is an awesome character,in terms of looks,power and maybe his personality. He derserves to be a best game character all right.He even makes an appearence in namcoXcapcom,in which he is a powerhouse,dealing high damages.

Peace to all.