All right,its confirmed.

Im buying the PS3,and noone can stop me.Im deciding the games that im gonna by top piority.Enjoy!(The games are not placed in order.)

1.Tekken 6

Played this in arcade many times.Awesome graphics,good character do-overs,great new movesets!Whats more,they have an overpowered final boss and a faggot like robot freak.Plus,I have always been following tekken for long time.Cant wait to get it!

Gamespot score:n/a(game not released yet)

2.Killzone 2

Read the gamespot review and even saw the video review.Along with a few screenshots I am amazed at how this game is designed,graphics and all,this is definetely a great shooter!It even has awesome online play.Cant wait to get it,seriously.

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

3.little big planet

Okay,it might look lame,but reviews say its an awesome game.Also after my bro showed me some gameplayed vids,I'd say this game aint bad!You get to create your own sackboy and play in your very own created levels,or let the world play it!This game is huge!

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

4.Cross edge

Im an RPG fan,so stop complaining!This game has a real variety man,with some of my fav game characters all packed in this one game,how can I say no.Etna,prinny,morrigan,demitri and some the ar tonelico characters,just great!

Gamespot score:n/a(review not released)

5.Demon souls

A game made by one of my favourite companies!This monster hunter-diablo like looking game just looks great.Awesome visuals,brutal difficulty,greatly done battle system,damn this game is just so captivating!

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

6.Final fantasy 13

Dude,I have been playing final fantasy like my entire life!Now one shows up on a silver platter on a fking fourth gen console.From the trailers it looks epic,awesome graphics combined with a final fantasy super storyline,this is something that I would like alot!Hoping to play it!

Gamespot score:n/a(game not released yet)


I know this game is old but after my friend told me about the game storyline one day I decided to check it out....and I was awed.Such an in depth shooter game with a variety of gameplay animations simply make this game stay in my head!

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

8.Resident evil 5

Well I havent been the type to play resident evil..until the fourth one was released on the PS2.I told myself that it was the only resident evil I was gonna play,until i heard that leon would be in the fifth game.The visuals are okay and it looks like a typical 3rd person shooter,with the resident evil feel,good for killers!

Gamespot score:8.5(great)


Oh damn!I was just captivated when my bro showed me the trailer of this game.With the cool story line of heaven guys and hell guys fighting on a modern day set earth and the solo loner guy trying to fight them off alone,I could not decline me to hate this game.

Gamespot score:n/a(game not yet released)


Looks like a wanabe fallout 3 game,but with a much better idea of the gameplay and real time world playing system.This game looks like fallout,in a whole different view.I wanna try it so bad!

Gamespot score:n/a(game not yet released)

Thats my list of games,fear them for they are awesome!