After the 3 people in the area.Move into the shop for another person to duel.

deck name:gravekeeper set
deck power:550

Meh,not too hard.He will do all means to get necrovalley out,which boosts his gravekeeper monsters atk and def by 500.Beware of gravekeeper's guard as when attacked he will send 1 monster back to owner's hand and he may just do that to your level 5 and up monsters.Just take out necrovalley and you will do fine.Oh yea,be careful about magical dimension.

After that get out of the shop and go east.2 more guys here.

deck name:egyptian vacation
deck power:532

This guy is generally easy,but annoying.He packs alot of annoying flip monsters that return cards to your hand.Take them out face down before they flip summon or you will regret it.Also,take out all sphinx monsters ASAP or he will bring out exodd with 4000 DEF.

deck name:hill zone
deck power:535

A burn deck,a simple 1.He will try all means to stall you and bring out his volcanic something monsters to atk your LP.He also has some powerful synchros.Use alot of s/t removal or just bring out prime material dragon to make all burn dmg to LP heal.

Now head back to the shop to buy some new packs.Soul of the duelist has some very power LVL monsters,arm dragon and horus.GET THEM,they will help you out very well.Flaming eternity has LIGHTNING VORTEX!!GET IT AT ALL COSTS.Oh,it also has cards for calling out sacred phoneix of nepthys.The lost millenium has elemental heroes and brain control.Elemental heroes are a good choice to play but right now you have too little of it,use it in later parts of the game as you get more of them along the way.

Head south,do not duel anyone here yet.Head somewhere west into the duel runner shop.Get a frame if you want.But we are here mostly to duel this guy.

deck name:giddy up riders
deck power:631

This guy's monsters are weak as hell,jus dont let him have too many of them on the field or say hello to darkness and light dragon.The main problem is the number of monster removal he packs.Bottomless trap hole,mirror force,dimensional prison,he has it all.Pack more s/t removal if you want to win without too much trouble.

Thats all for now.