Tuesday, 9 June 2009

persona 3

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:9.0

It is great,it is awesome,it is unbelievable,it is speechlessly good.Best RPG 2007,persona 3 is a game not to be missed by RPG fans,half the world,no,3/4 the world should know this game.Persona 2 on the PS was not a very popular game but 10 years later persona 3 is a BOMB.This RPG-dating sim kinda game is on my top 10 favourtie games,maybe even top 5.

Being a RPG/dungeon crawler/sim style/dating game this game is totally great(sorry for repeating its greatness so many times),it fits most kind of gamers,most people who love fighting will find it hard to turn this game down(most people I know that is).Ok enough of my nonsense.You play as a nameless teen who has lost his parents in an accident 10 years ago,in which he knows nothing about it.Due to that he has been transfered to various schools to coup with living I guess.One day he gets transfered to Gekkoukan high school,in which he arrives in the city of it in the late night,close to 12 am.When the clock hit 12,everything stopped....the walking people turned into coffins,the streets were filled with blood,the moon turned a slight green colour.When he arrives at his dorm he gets greeted by a babe pointing a gun at his head,then this other chick comes to stop her.Hmm,very complicated,its hard to explain.Anyway this is where you will be told to enter your name and stuff.

As you proceed into the game,you will find out about the midnight hour,its when the clock hits 12 am,everything stops,and shadows come out to feed on chosen people,who are supposed to be in thier coffins but they are not.This hidden hour remains unknown,noone knows of it,except chosen ones and persona wielders.During this hour a HUGE tower(256 floors I think)forms called tarterus,the nest of shadows.When your main character awakens to his persona,he gains ability to fight shadows,along with his friends of SEED,a club of persona wielders.

Now then,on to the battle system.The battle system is quite simple.You choose a party of four to explore the tower,four and no more,and when you see an enemy on screen wack it to enter battle mode,in which you get the advantage,if the enemy wacks you on screen then the enemy gets the advantage.Simple.

Ok in battle mode you DONT control your party members,they control themselves.I hate to say this but they are DUMB,you can order them to do stuff though,support,go all out,or just standby.These orders help ALOT.Like most RPGs in battle you can attack,use items,flee,use skills.But in this game skills depend on what persona you are using.If your persona has 5 skills,then you can only use those 5 skills,and only one person can have 1 persona,sad right?But never fear,your character can hold up to 8 personas(12 in the future).

Personas are obtained by killing monsters.When you get enough personas you can fuse them into stronger ones.This is a good way to get real powerful personas

Lastly,the friend system.In school or outside school,you can befriend some people,by doing so increases the power of personas,so the more the friends the better.You can just find people to generally hang out with,or you can befriends girls in school to make them into your girlfriends,wee.Guys and outside friends are easy to get along with,girlfriends are the real problem,if they see you hanging out with another girl,oo you are so dead.Dating girls require patience.

Overall an awesome game.I would reccomend anyone to buy it,seriously,ANYONE.