Tuesday, 23 June 2009

female main characters

Okay.For many years,game developers always develop games with cool/collected or stuborn/persistent game protoganists,or in other words,main characters.Main characters have different personalities,making it possible for many possible alter egos for a main character.But as many have realised.Most of these are guys.

Now heres yuna from final fantasy 10-2.Main character of the game and with a fighting style of 2 pistols.Kinda like many other male characters,and the developers wont make her that sort of character."It has to be male,a chick wont hold 2 guns".Who says?
I think to them a girl like yuna would just be meant to be a sweet talker or something.
Now heres Kos mos from xenosaga.A robot android that was created to blast gnosis.Now shes an android,no personality there,she just follows her programming.Well I like this sort of thing.An android female would fit well,I just cant explain but if she was replaced by a male android that would be way wrong.Thats in my opinion.

Next is Izuna from her very own featured legend of the unemployed ninja game.She does her job well.She plays as a dungeon crawling ninja.Dungeon crawling games usually features a cool looking guy with cool looking skills and slashing through monster hordes.Thats cool,but Izuna does it cool too.Nothing bad in using a girl.

Last but not least is maria.Shes from Knights in nightmare.I havent played more than an hour for gameplay but Im liking her style so far.She doesnt want to get devoured by the nightmare or something.I dont really get it,but well,shes cool.I rather play as her rather than a paladin or a holy warrior or something.

So far as I can see.Females are pretty much underappreciated as protonagists.Males always take the role.In my opinion they should make female main characters more often,as male protonagists always have almost the same characteristics or personalities.