Thursday, 11 June 2009

one of my anticipated games

Hey all.Just got class of heroes yesteday late night and now its off my list.I expected it to be fun.

I played the beginning and it was the intro and all it was kinda boring.After orientation and stuff i made my characters and was so impressed with character customization!10 races and2 genders each,that was great.Also they allowed you to allocate status points at the start.Awesome.Took some classes and was told to go to the labrinth,thats were I went wtf.

Walked a few steps and encountered a monster.I was prepared to go all out,who knew that when I won the fight I realised that I had 1 dead character and my frontline with LOW hp.

Ok,so i wasnt disappointed or anyting,just pissed.This game is fking difficult.I though etrain oddessey was hard but thats nothing compared to this.Too hard,I need to find a way to play this well or I wont enjoy it.