Noo....I jus finished the greatest anime in history.Mai hime was definetly one of the best animes i have ever watched in my life.And I even 1st tought that it was tuned out to have such a touching and action packed storyline.
The plot is VERY nice.It easily beats big shot shows like bleach/naruto.There is so much love confession and betrayal between friends as they such killing each other and thier loved ones.Now that wants to just keep you watching.It gets awesome after episode 10.After one episode,you can just force yourself to watch more.
It has been nice watching this.I can feel that my holiday has been satisfied just by this great series.Im kinda sad to part with this show,it was just too awesome.Meh,even the best shows come to an end.Well,just as I tot Mai hime ended,I saw this trailer of the continuation,mai otome...I jumped into the series immediately.YAHOOOO.Im gonna go slow and steady for this one,I dont wanna rush it like i rushed mai hime.