Gamespot score:8.8(great)

My score:8.4

One of the BEST real time strategy games on the PC.The dawn of war series
has been a very good,being a war game that features 4 races in the 1st game of the series,each with thier own specially designed units.Now im talking about the 3rd game in the series.Dawn of war dark crusade is much better than the previous titles.Now having 7 races instead of 4,and giving more units to the 4 that already existed through the 1st game.Being a real time strategy game,the more races the better,to increase the fun and gameplay time of the game is really perfect.

Now then,its hard to explain the story,since there are 7 points of view towards it.1st race,the spac marines aka the good guys.Being the ones who want to purge all evil and undead in the planet featured in this game which is kronus.2nd are the orcs,my favourite race.These guys just wont give up,since the 1st game,they have been following with the story to plunder all loot from the planets.3rd,the eldar.Alienic fools who believe strongly in thier "god".They use magic and pyshic to fight generally.4th,the chaos.The sworn enemies of space marines,thier unit costumes look quite similar,except that chaos costumes look more evil.They use undead to fight.5th,the imperial guard.The most pathetic race.They are humans that are greedy for power.They use mordern day technology to fight.6th,the tau.Robotic and beastly fools that follow under the rule of some high ranking official.They fight with thier army of carnivores and robots.Lastly,the necrons.Zombie robots that rose from the planet's core to take back what's thiers i think.They fight with creepy robots.

Ok,the gameplay is just like any other strategy game,but cooler with a larger range of races and units.The unit techs follow up,tier1,2,3 and I think theres a last tier.Tier 1 are your basic crap like soilders and scouts.Tier 2 consist of more advanced units like seargents and transport vehicles.Tier 3 are your robots and tanks.The final tier is your ultimate unit,which every race has 1,or 2.

Each race has thier commander.Each nicely made and designed straight for their own race and with abilities suited for thier own units and stuff.The commanders alone are tough fighters themselves,able to solo groups and groups of soilders.

Totally a good game for strategy lovers.Those who dont play strategy games should still try and pick this game up and learn about it.