Moving on.You dueled those 2 guys,now move to the fella guarding the building.

deck name:masterful magician
deck power:580

Quite easy.He has an array of good cards,skilled dark magician,dark magician girl etc.Well the main idea is for him to summon dark magician to dominate the field,but well,thats it.

Move in and save.Try heading west for 1 more.And after him theres 1 more.

deck name:ida dragons
deck power:590

Meh,he packs dragons.But thats pretty much it.Hes biggest fighter is felgrand dragon with 2800 ATK.Pack monster removals to totally own him.Oh yeah,be careful he may combo up red eyes b chick to red eyes b dragon.

deck name:lucky turtle shell
deck power:620

Fucker here packs a stall deck.And a mean 1.He has gravity bind and level limit area B.His monsters are meant to fcking outdeck you.If you have to,go to google and type dust tornado,buy 3 of those in the game via passwording the bottom left code of the image of dust tornado in google.Get all the s/t removal you can get,and jus fkin pound the shyt out of this guy,before he outdecks you.

After Kameno go foward into a box room,you should be able to solve the puzzle,if you cant then there is seriously something wrong with you.Anyway if you screw the puzzle press Y to reset.After saving blitz get out of this stinking hideout.

Now watch a few scenes with yusei and receive a duel runner engine.The game will fast foward a few days and rally will give you a cpu.Now you need to test it.From the subway,head east.There are 3 duelists here.

deck name:ask me
deck power:510

We all hate yusuke,why?Counter traps.MANY counter traps and his habit to call out
santuary in the sky to refrain you from damaging him.You cant risk it and your objective is to shut down his traps.If you dont he will call out voltanis with 2800 ATK and totally beat the shyt out of you.If you have jinzo,the difficuly will drop to 1.

deck name:too funny
deck power:505

Marie is not too hard.She has a plant/insect synchro deck.She will use it well,but it can be easily countered with security orb/kunai with chain....stuff like that.She will most of the time use tuners and synchro summon naturia beast with 2200 ATK,just bring out for lvl 5-6 and you will be just fine.

deck name:you're not human
deck power:512

Hes got a good zombie deck.And he will not fail to make abuse of it.My hatest combo of his,to summon pyramid turtle and wack your powerful lvl 4 monsters with it and them special summon lich lord to kill that powerful lvl 4 monster.His monsters attack dont stretch too far off though,pack plenty of reinforcements/rush recklessly and you should do fine.

Thats all for now....