I wanna finish it fast!So here goes on.After deafeating Rally,move south to the subway he told you about and you will find Nervin.He wants to duel you so go beat him.

Deck name:total equip
deck power:470

When fighting nervin,I laughed a few times at his strategy.It seems he packs random monsters ranged 1200-1700 ATK and equips them with lame equip cards.Dont worry most of them dont grant ATK boosts.Really easy,just thrash him,seriously.

After the duel and a scene head into the subway,or if you want duel nervin some more for easy DP.When you are ready head in the subway and after tank and blitz do some intro you get to duel tank.

deck name:total effect
deck power:490

Another easy ass.From what I see the only thing he does is draw cards until he has at least 6 and summon muka muka with 1800 ATK.Real dumb,since his hand size will go down sooner or later.Another easy win.

Now its blitz.

deck name:satellite wall
deck power:500

Still easy as hell.His strategy is to swarm you with high def monsters I think,such like giant soilder of stone and statue of aztec.Just get your lvl 5-6 monsters out to trash him.

After a few scenes you will be brought to the shack.Touch the computer to piss rally off,and yusei shows up.After more scenes you will know that you are a turbo duelist and everyone wants to find you a duel runner.The game will fast foward a few days,move outta the subway and follow blitz west and the thug here will sell you a duel runner for 1000 DP.If you dont have enough,head back to the subway and duel rally/nervin for DP.

When you buy your duel runner,turns out it was a scam,no enginge and cpu.Blitz goes to complain and gets kidnapped.Try to save him and go back to the subway to inform the guys.After which head back to the gang hideout area ,there are 2 guys here.Duel them.

deck name:Time to invade!
deck power:480

Hes harder then the rest you faced so far.But you can own him as long as he doesnt swarm the field.Get your 1800 ATK and more monsters out to destroy him.He does have mirror force and wrath of the snake diety so be careful,use prime material dragon to counter those.Oh yea,if he summons worm king/queen use security orb or kunai with chain to help you.

deck name:the ten warriors
deck power:492

This guy can be quite hard at this current part of the game.If you wanna beat him,I suggest more cards that change battle positions(security orb,kunai with chain)or cards that boost your monster ATK in an instant(reinforcements,rush recklessly),dont let him have more than 1 monster,or he will combo with his tuner to summon X saber urebellum,then you are most likely screwed.

Thats all for now.