Okay,lets get this started.Im gonna start this project early and finish it early,so Im starting today.

Okay when you start make your character,shouldnt be too hard to do it.Then,before you jump to story mode,enter world championship and customize your deck,since there are some lame ass cards in your deck,and some good ones that can be swaped into it in the side deck.Take out worm barses,sonic chick and dragon ice,put in ancient gear knight,fossil tusker and ghost gardna.Thats for monsters.For s/t,take out counter counter,cup of ace,overworked and radiant mirror force,put in compulsory evacuation device.Now,you have 1500 dp,buy some packs,there are 4 available,hope you get good cards,here are some key ones.

Dark beginning 1:blue eyes white dragon,change of heart,jinzo,torriental tribute,united we stand,,mystical space typhoon,nobleman of crossout,dust tornado ,monster reborn and trap hole

Dark beginning 2:injection fairy lily,command knight,creature swap,heavy storm,mirror force,7 tools of the bandit,solemn judgement and bottomless trap hole.

Dark revelations volume 1:Blast held by a tribute,breaker the magical warrior,cost down,XYZ monsters and fusions,gravekeeper set and the amazoness set.

Dark revelations 2:enemy controller,gear golem the moving fortress,zaborg the thunder monarch,draining shield,berserk gorilla and night assailant

Right now,dark beginnings 1 and 2 pack the best cards.Mirror force, torriental tribute,heavy storm,monster reborn and change of heart are all awesome "must get" cards.In my opinion mirror force and heavy storm are still the best.Dark revelations volume 1 is a good pack if you want to make gravekeeper/XYZ decks,I recommend XYZ since it can help you through half the difficult duels in the game if you get a good set,dont get me wrong gravekeeper decks are still great,your choice.Maybe the only good card in dark revelations volume 2 is zaborg thunder monarch,dont buy this pack,its just not worth.

When you are ready jump into story mode.There will be a scene and you will meet rally,after he runs off to get his deck,save your game and customize your deck if you havent.When you are ready,try to leave and rally appears to duel you.Go time.

deck name:mecha shot
deck power:515

If you custiomized your deck before,this should be easy,if you haven't,this will still be
quite easy.His monsters are weak,the strongest being only X head cannon with 1800 ATK.He has no real strategy whatsoever,overall,an easy win.

Well today only covered what you should do at the start and your 1st duel.Posting part 2 in the future.Peace.