Friday, 19 June 2009

the world ends with you

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:9.6

Yes!Time for my favourite DS game of all time.The world ends with you,a game released by the some of the crew that made kingdom hearts,is pure awesomeness.With a VERY original plot,gameplay and roaming system,this game is very cool.Revolving around the modern day shibuya of japan,this game is likely to blast heads off(seriously).

15 year old neku wakes up in the street roads of shibuya,not knowing why he is there or what the hell is going on.Knowing only his name,he finds a weird looking pin on his palm,which he finds out that it allows him to read people's minds.Soon after he receives a meassage to go to 104 or he will be erased.Being an emo kid as he was all the while,he deletes the message wihtout hesitation and realises that it cannot be deleted.After awhile,he gets attacked by monster frogs.He runs off and the story begins...
The game talks about a group of dead people playing a "game" which involves them staying alive for 7 days and not dieing.At the end of the 7th day the player with the highest "score" gets to ressurect.Every week a player is supposed to clear a mission sent by the game master of the week.The game master altough will have to issue his/herself to fight any surviving players on the 7th day.That is the purpose of the "game"...the reaper's game.
Now then,the game itself is not too hard to master.The battle system is new and original,so many players might find it different at 1st,but mastering the combat and pin systems themselves are quite easy.However in battle most monster are annoying and will jump or fly about,making battles seem quite annoying.
When in battle,you and ur partner can synchro together and do an ultimate blast to do massive damage to the entire screen of enemies.This is a very good function that helps clear a screen in no time.
Bosses and enemies are 2 different things,bosses are not anoying,they are hard.They can pwn you if you dont play well.However,one can always change to easy mode and pwn him right back,but the fun wont be there.
Argh,I wont say much as I wont want to ruin the suspense and coolness in this game.Thats all for now.GET THIS GAME.GET IT $^%*%