Friday, 5 June 2009

Valkyrie profile:lenneth

Gamespot score:7.5(good)

my score:7.5

Okay,here is to the valkyrie profile series.This the 1st game of the series
talking about how lenneth,our valkyrie for this game,goes around the human world to recruit the souls of fallen humans to become warriors for asgard,the so called"heaven" for that game,to prepare them for the upcoming war "ragnarok".The score for this game by gamespot is totally my style.Ok enough about what I think,on with the post.

At the start of the game,there is some prolouge about this guy named lucian and his friend platina.One day platina's mom wants to sell her daughter for slavery,but lucian hears the conversation between platina's mom and the agents,as he cannot bear to see his childhood friend get sold to slavery,he helps her escape.During the long long long escape however,they run into a field of flowers.Platina is tired as hell,so they decide to take a rest.It turns out the flowers were poisonous,thus platina suffered a cruel death,but for some reason lucian survived and thus he became depressed of this incident ever since.

Okay,this is a rpg and one might think that it follows the turn by turn system,well its true,but this game's turn by turn is hella cool.Instead of one by one character wacking the enemy,you can make your character party of 4 attack all at once,and if they do enough damage,they get to pile it on even more with thier special attacks,each character has thier own special skill,this means endless combos,as there are easily 20 characters in this game!The game objective is simple,you play as valkyrie,flying around the human world,to either land in towns to recruit warriors,or land in dungeons to purge demons and undead,and I warn you bosses in this game are not to tempered with,they are suprisingly difficult.

Overall a great rpg game.RPG lovers who want a rpg game with a different view of battle should get this.