Today im covering a boss fight from final fantasy 4 DS.This guy is called golbez,and he is pretty hard as fuck.Actually he isnt THAT hard,but still hard.Hes easier than kurt zisa which is covered before.Well what do you expect,hes a story boss,and story bosses are illegal to be too tough,or players cant continue in the story(jus jking).

Ok,before you fight golbez,you need to fight some doll monster,which is quite hard already,and after you win(should not pose too much of a problem as you can attack and heal,attack and heal.....),you fight golbez,your stats from the previous battle carried over,which is not cool.You wont be able to do much at the start,he will use binding cold(I think) and paralyze your whole party,then he will summon shadow dragon and wipe your party out one by one....

Anyway when cecil is left,rydia will appear and summon dragon to do some dmg to golbez as well as taking out his shadow dragon.Now the fight is hard,as usually yo get your entire party to fight a boss,and now you only have 2,and rydia has low hp to boot.

Anyway there are 2 strategies,both in which are quite hard.Anyway the party has to be around 35 or 36 or this is gonna be quite impossible.Strategy 1,you use rydia to ressurect the entire party via phoneix down,this process is hard as golbez spams magic that hits the whole party,when revived,the ones revived may die instantly due to his spells.You need a sheer amount of luck here to suceed in this.Also,its very important that cecils casts cura EVERY turn,or its KO.I went with strategy at 1st but luck just didnt go with me and I lost,about 4 times.

Ok then,strategy 2,I went with this one.When rydia arrives,have cecil use libra on golbez and when you find out the weaknes of golbez,have rydia summon the corresponding monster to deal MASSIVE dmg to golbez,however if you summon wrongly,you end up healing golbez.So if you arent good at exploiting elements,dont do this or you will heal golbez.Besides this,golbez has to tircks up his sleeve,so its smooth sailing if you got it right.

Golbez is hard at the start,really hard.But if things are done right the tables can be turned.Overall,hard,deservable to be a great boss fight.


View the battle here: