Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Final fantasy 10

Gamespot score:9.3(editor's choice)

My score:8.5

Yahoo!Such a old game,yet so nice.Today i talk about final fantasy 10,the 1st final fantasy on the PS2.This is a fking old game,released somewhat 8 years ago,yet it still stays in the top 10 PS2 games today.Final fantasy is a turn based RPG that I am sure most people of the world know so Im going to skip the intro and the history of final fantasy.Oh yea,instead of ATB system,this game goes turn by turn.

Ok,set in a modern world,this game talks about a guy named tidus,who is a blitzball star,which is a popular sport in his world.One day his father disappeared and tidus doesnt really care,and he just wants to surpass him,the greatest blitzball player.So tidus picks up in his father's footsteps mainly to surpass him.Okay one day he goes to a major tournament and plays,just as he is about to score the winning goal,bam,a huge blast slammed onto his town."Sin",the main enemy of the game,a huge whale like creature able to take on cities,has attacked the town.So tidus runs into a friend,auron,and they try to escape the attacked town.In the end ,auron dragged tidus into a different timestream,and the story begins...

Okay,time for the battle system.Instead of ATB,this game uses turn by turn.It is very simple and easy to understand,making mastering the art of battles very easy.That doesnt make bosses easy however,but,like many RPGs as long as you train enough you can own.Nothing much to say here exepct the graphics is pretty ok for an rpg,the characters move and attack quite smoothly.

Now then,in battle there are 2 very special commands that some RPGs may have.1,overdirve,some sort of an ultimate attack which each character has each of his or her own.These attacks require charging a bar,before being able to use it.Next is my fav,summoning,see this dude>>>>.He is a summon,and a cool 1 at that.Summon lets you summon an extremely cool monster to fight for you,each with thier own skills and overdrive.Cool!
Boss fights are really awesome,altough most bosses just require you to attack and heal,some of which can turn the table with 1 attack and wipe ur party out.Bosses require strategy to kill,and the usage of certain characters is a must.Overall I like the bosses of this game,they are very well designed and awesome looking,making fighting them enjoyable.

Overall an awesome,RPG fan or fan,this game may just suit many people.