Saturday, 27 June 2009

deck check

Before i start part 6 of the guide,heres a deck check to gauge how strong you should be,as not long from now there will be a duel against a powerful duelist.If you lose its game over for real this time.I have 2 characters,1 male and 1 female.The male character being my main acc.Their names seperately being Wil(male) and Iris(female).

Here are my decks at this point of the game.

deck name:super robots XYZ
deck recipe:
archfiend soldier x3
battle footballer x2
gemini elf x1
insect knight x3
luster dragon x2
mechanicalchaser x2
X-head cannon x3
ancient gear knight x1
blast sphere x1
perfect machine king x2
reflect bounder x1
Y-dragon head x3
Z-metal tank x3

back to square one x1
book of moon x1
creature swap x1
frontline base x2
heavy storm x1
lightning vortex x3
pot of avarice x1
riryoku x1
sheild crush x1
twister x1
dust tornado x2
sakuretsu armor x3

XY dragon cannon x2
XZ tank cannon x2
YZ dragon tank x2
XYZ dragon cannon x3

deck name:LVL formula:drgn
deck recipe:
gemini elf x3
insect knight x2
armed dragon lvl 3 x3
armed dragon lvl 5 x3
armed dragon lvl 7 x1
horus the black flame dragon lvl 4 x3
horus the black flame dragon lvl 6 x2
horus the black flame dragon lvl 8 x2
masked dragon x3
mystic swordsman lvl 4 x2
red eyes darkness metal dragon x1
skilled dark magician x1
spear dragon x1
toon goblin attack force x1

book of moon x1
ekibyo drakmord x2
level up! x3
lightning vortex x1
mystical space typhoon x1
swords of revealing light x1
bottomless trap hole x3
dust tornado x2
mirror force x1
raigeki break x1
solemn judgement x1

Both decks contain 45 cards each.I didnt bother with V and W in my XYZ deck as they are pathetic compared to XYZ.Both decks are strong and can clear the upcoming duels with ease,especially the dragon deck.Gauging deck powers are important for whats coming next.

Noo....I jus finished the greatest anime in history.Mai hime was definetly one of the best animes i have ever watched in my life.And I even 1st tought that it was tuned out to have such a touching and action packed storyline.
The plot is VERY nice.It easily beats big shot shows like bleach/naruto.There is so much love confession and betrayal between friends as they such killing each other and thier loved ones.Now that wants to just keep you watching.It gets awesome after episode 10.After one episode,you can just force yourself to watch more.
It has been nice watching this.I can feel that my holiday has been satisfied just by this great series.Im kinda sad to part with this show,it was just too awesome.Meh,even the best shows come to an end.Well,just as I tot Mai hime ended,I saw this trailer of the continuation,mai otome...I jumped into the series immediately.YAHOOOO.Im gonna go slow and steady for this one,I dont wanna rush it like i rushed mai hime.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

female main characters

Okay.For many years,game developers always develop games with cool/collected or stuborn/persistent game protoganists,or in other words,main characters.Main characters have different personalities,making it possible for many possible alter egos for a main character.But as many have realised.Most of these are guys.

Now heres yuna from final fantasy 10-2.Main character of the game and with a fighting style of 2 pistols.Kinda like many other male characters,and the developers wont make her that sort of character."It has to be male,a chick wont hold 2 guns".Who says?
I think to them a girl like yuna would just be meant to be a sweet talker or something.
Now heres Kos mos from xenosaga.A robot android that was created to blast gnosis.Now shes an android,no personality there,she just follows her programming.Well I like this sort of thing.An android female would fit well,I just cant explain but if she was replaced by a male android that would be way wrong.Thats in my opinion.

Next is Izuna from her very own featured legend of the unemployed ninja game.She does her job well.She plays as a dungeon crawling ninja.Dungeon crawling games usually features a cool looking guy with cool looking skills and slashing through monster hordes.Thats cool,but Izuna does it cool too.Nothing bad in using a girl.

Last but not least is maria.Shes from Knights in nightmare.I havent played more than an hour for gameplay but Im liking her style so far.She doesnt want to get devoured by the nightmare or something.I dont really get it,but well,shes cool.I rather play as her rather than a paladin or a holy warrior or something.

So far as I can see.Females are pretty much underappreciated as protonagists.Males always take the role.In my opinion they should make female main characters more often,as male protonagists always have almost the same characteristics or personalities.

Okay,its been a while.Now,in the duel runner shop,after beating buffer,buy whatever you want.Suggested that you get ganma frame.Head out and duel the boy just ahead,and the 2 other people in the area.

deck name:I'd like a lisence
deck power:596

Not too hard,quite easy in fact.The only problem is that he loves to use future fusion,and call out super vehicroid stealth union,with 3600 ATK.With that on the field,you can only either wait for a monster removal card,or outdeck it,unless you can match its 3k+ ATK.Pack more monster removal for this one.

deck name:FINALLY!
deck power:582

Oda just doesnt play cool.He is just like a beefed up version of Kidd.He plays 6 samurai,same as kidd,if he swarms the field,you will be screwed up badly.Do not let him swarm the field or you will really regret it,grandmaster of the 6 samurai,great shogun and all of his 6 samurai can come up real quick if you let him swarm.However,using lightning vortex/mirror force can totally kill his army.

deck name:addressing athena
deck power:588

Anna plays a fairy deck,quite a consistent 1.Her strategy is to bring out valhala,and if you are really unlucky,she will combo out athena with valhala.Athena has 2600 ATK,quite gey,and she has a habit of damaging your life points via summoning more and more fairies.Your best bet is to take out valhala,and you will have no problem at all.

Kay good.Now go east.Another 2 fellows here.

deck name:the port and me
deck power:638

His deck is laughable.He relies heavily on umi,without it,you will have a easy time.He uses a very basic umi strategy,the only troubling matter here is that if umi is out,he may call out tornado wall,preventing your monsters from touching him.

deck name:the boat and me
deck power:652

Hes not hard,but hes annoying.He has frogs,lots of frogs.They have high DEF and annoying effects.They wont have much ATK,so no need to worry about getting dmged too much.Just dont let walls of revealing light and level limit area B to restrict you from attacking.

The other guy wont duel you,go figure.Head back west and then south.2 guys here.Duel them as usual.

deck name:the next perseus
deck power:603

Argh.He uses the same deck type as yusuke,which is damn annoying.Hes here is abit better,but not by much.Use the same strategy and try shutting down his traps.

deck name:rampage express
deck power:609

A batteryman deck.Its really easy to own.But due to batterymen's special summoning effects,you can get taken down pretty fast.Just be careful or batteryman industrial with 2600 ATK and its all good.Pack alot of monster removal to win easy.

Now go on the highway with your duel runner.Clear in 2 mins,meh,very easy.After the run,you get another flashback.Thats all for now.

Friday, 19 June 2009

the world ends with you

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:9.6

Yes!Time for my favourite DS game of all time.The world ends with you,a game released by the some of the crew that made kingdom hearts,is pure awesomeness.With a VERY original plot,gameplay and roaming system,this game is very cool.Revolving around the modern day shibuya of japan,this game is likely to blast heads off(seriously).

15 year old neku wakes up in the street roads of shibuya,not knowing why he is there or what the hell is going on.Knowing only his name,he finds a weird looking pin on his palm,which he finds out that it allows him to read people's minds.Soon after he receives a meassage to go to 104 or he will be erased.Being an emo kid as he was all the while,he deletes the message wihtout hesitation and realises that it cannot be deleted.After awhile,he gets attacked by monster frogs.He runs off and the story begins...
The game talks about a group of dead people playing a "game" which involves them staying alive for 7 days and not dieing.At the end of the 7th day the player with the highest "score" gets to ressurect.Every week a player is supposed to clear a mission sent by the game master of the week.The game master altough will have to issue his/herself to fight any surviving players on the 7th day.That is the purpose of the "game"...the reaper's game.
Now then,the game itself is not too hard to master.The battle system is new and original,so many players might find it different at 1st,but mastering the combat and pin systems themselves are quite easy.However in battle most monster are annoying and will jump or fly about,making battles seem quite annoying.
When in battle,you and ur partner can synchro together and do an ultimate blast to do massive damage to the entire screen of enemies.This is a very good function that helps clear a screen in no time.
Bosses and enemies are 2 different things,bosses are not anoying,they are hard.They can pwn you if you dont play well.However,one can always change to easy mode and pwn him right back,but the fun wont be there.
Argh,I wont say much as I wont want to ruin the suspense and coolness in this game.Thats all for now.GET THIS GAME.GET IT $^%*%

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Final fantasy 10

Gamespot score:9.3(editor's choice)

My score:8.5

Yahoo!Such a old game,yet so nice.Today i talk about final fantasy 10,the 1st final fantasy on the PS2.This is a fking old game,released somewhat 8 years ago,yet it still stays in the top 10 PS2 games today.Final fantasy is a turn based RPG that I am sure most people of the world know so Im going to skip the intro and the history of final fantasy.Oh yea,instead of ATB system,this game goes turn by turn.

Ok,set in a modern world,this game talks about a guy named tidus,who is a blitzball star,which is a popular sport in his world.One day his father disappeared and tidus doesnt really care,and he just wants to surpass him,the greatest blitzball player.So tidus picks up in his father's footsteps mainly to surpass him.Okay one day he goes to a major tournament and plays,just as he is about to score the winning goal,bam,a huge blast slammed onto his town."Sin",the main enemy of the game,a huge whale like creature able to take on cities,has attacked the town.So tidus runs into a friend,auron,and they try to escape the attacked town.In the end ,auron dragged tidus into a different timestream,and the story begins...

Okay,time for the battle system.Instead of ATB,this game uses turn by turn.It is very simple and easy to understand,making mastering the art of battles very easy.That doesnt make bosses easy however,but,like many RPGs as long as you train enough you can own.Nothing much to say here exepct the graphics is pretty ok for an rpg,the characters move and attack quite smoothly.

Now then,in battle there are 2 very special commands that some RPGs may have.1,overdirve,some sort of an ultimate attack which each character has each of his or her own.These attacks require charging a bar,before being able to use it.Next is my fav,summoning,see this dude>>>>.He is a summon,and a cool 1 at that.Summon lets you summon an extremely cool monster to fight for you,each with thier own skills and overdrive.Cool!
Boss fights are really awesome,altough most bosses just require you to attack and heal,some of which can turn the table with 1 attack and wipe ur party out.Bosses require strategy to kill,and the usage of certain characters is a must.Overall I like the bosses of this game,they are very well designed and awesome looking,making fighting them enjoyable.

Overall an awesome,RPG fan or fan,this game may just suit many people.

Today im covering a boss fight from final fantasy 4 DS.This guy is called golbez,and he is pretty hard as fuck.Actually he isnt THAT hard,but still hard.Hes easier than kurt zisa which is covered before.Well what do you expect,hes a story boss,and story bosses are illegal to be too tough,or players cant continue in the story(jus jking).

Ok,before you fight golbez,you need to fight some doll monster,which is quite hard already,and after you win(should not pose too much of a problem as you can attack and heal,attack and heal.....),you fight golbez,your stats from the previous battle carried over,which is not cool.You wont be able to do much at the start,he will use binding cold(I think) and paralyze your whole party,then he will summon shadow dragon and wipe your party out one by one....

Anyway when cecil is left,rydia will appear and summon dragon to do some dmg to golbez as well as taking out his shadow dragon.Now the fight is hard,as usually yo get your entire party to fight a boss,and now you only have 2,and rydia has low hp to boot.

Anyway there are 2 strategies,both in which are quite hard.Anyway the party has to be around 35 or 36 or this is gonna be quite impossible.Strategy 1,you use rydia to ressurect the entire party via phoneix down,this process is hard as golbez spams magic that hits the whole party,when revived,the ones revived may die instantly due to his spells.You need a sheer amount of luck here to suceed in this.Also,its very important that cecils casts cura EVERY turn,or its KO.I went with strategy at 1st but luck just didnt go with me and I lost,about 4 times.

Ok then,strategy 2,I went with this one.When rydia arrives,have cecil use libra on golbez and when you find out the weaknes of golbez,have rydia summon the corresponding monster to deal MASSIVE dmg to golbez,however if you summon wrongly,you end up healing golbez.So if you arent good at exploiting elements,dont do this or you will heal golbez.Besides this,golbez has to tircks up his sleeve,so its smooth sailing if you got it right.

Golbez is hard at the start,really hard.But if things are done right the tables can be turned.Overall,hard,deservable to be a great boss fight.


View the battle here:

Gamespot score:8.8(great)

My score:8.4

One of the BEST real time strategy games on the PC.The dawn of war series
has been a very good,being a war game that features 4 races in the 1st game of the series,each with thier own specially designed units.Now im talking about the 3rd game in the series.Dawn of war dark crusade is much better than the previous titles.Now having 7 races instead of 4,and giving more units to the 4 that already existed through the 1st game.Being a real time strategy game,the more races the better,to increase the fun and gameplay time of the game is really perfect.

Now then,its hard to explain the story,since there are 7 points of view towards it.1st race,the spac marines aka the good guys.Being the ones who want to purge all evil and undead in the planet featured in this game which is kronus.2nd are the orcs,my favourite race.These guys just wont give up,since the 1st game,they have been following with the story to plunder all loot from the planets.3rd,the eldar.Alienic fools who believe strongly in thier "god".They use magic and pyshic to fight generally.4th,the chaos.The sworn enemies of space marines,thier unit costumes look quite similar,except that chaos costumes look more evil.They use undead to fight.5th,the imperial guard.The most pathetic race.They are humans that are greedy for power.They use mordern day technology to fight.6th,the tau.Robotic and beastly fools that follow under the rule of some high ranking official.They fight with thier army of carnivores and robots.Lastly,the necrons.Zombie robots that rose from the planet's core to take back what's thiers i think.They fight with creepy robots.

Ok,the gameplay is just like any other strategy game,but cooler with a larger range of races and units.The unit techs follow up,tier1,2,3 and I think theres a last tier.Tier 1 are your basic crap like soilders and scouts.Tier 2 consist of more advanced units like seargents and transport vehicles.Tier 3 are your robots and tanks.The final tier is your ultimate unit,which every race has 1,or 2.

Each race has thier commander.Each nicely made and designed straight for their own race and with abilities suited for thier own units and stuff.The commanders alone are tough fighters themselves,able to solo groups and groups of soilders.

Totally a good game for strategy lovers.Those who dont play strategy games should still try and pick this game up and learn about it.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

one of my anticipated games

Hey all.Just got class of heroes yesteday late night and now its off my list.I expected it to be fun.

I played the beginning and it was the intro and all it was kinda boring.After orientation and stuff i made my characters and was so impressed with character customization!10 races and2 genders each,that was great.Also they allowed you to allocate status points at the start.Awesome.Took some classes and was told to go to the labrinth,thats were I went wtf.

Walked a few steps and encountered a monster.I was prepared to go all out,who knew that when I won the fight I realised that I had 1 dead character and my frontline with LOW hp.

Ok,so i wasnt disappointed or anyting,just pissed.This game is fking difficult.I though etrain oddessey was hard but thats nothing compared to this.Too hard,I need to find a way to play this well or I wont enjoy it.

After the 3 people in the area.Move into the shop for another person to duel.

deck name:gravekeeper set
deck power:550

Meh,not too hard.He will do all means to get necrovalley out,which boosts his gravekeeper monsters atk and def by 500.Beware of gravekeeper's guard as when attacked he will send 1 monster back to owner's hand and he may just do that to your level 5 and up monsters.Just take out necrovalley and you will do fine.Oh yea,be careful about magical dimension.

After that get out of the shop and go east.2 more guys here.

deck name:egyptian vacation
deck power:532

This guy is generally easy,but annoying.He packs alot of annoying flip monsters that return cards to your hand.Take them out face down before they flip summon or you will regret it.Also,take out all sphinx monsters ASAP or he will bring out exodd with 4000 DEF.

deck name:hill zone
deck power:535

A burn deck,a simple 1.He will try all means to stall you and bring out his volcanic something monsters to atk your LP.He also has some powerful synchros.Use alot of s/t removal or just bring out prime material dragon to make all burn dmg to LP heal.

Now head back to the shop to buy some new packs.Soul of the duelist has some very power LVL monsters,arm dragon and horus.GET THEM,they will help you out very well.Flaming eternity has LIGHTNING VORTEX!!GET IT AT ALL COSTS.Oh,it also has cards for calling out sacred phoneix of nepthys.The lost millenium has elemental heroes and brain control.Elemental heroes are a good choice to play but right now you have too little of it,use it in later parts of the game as you get more of them along the way.

Head south,do not duel anyone here yet.Head somewhere west into the duel runner shop.Get a frame if you want.But we are here mostly to duel this guy.

deck name:giddy up riders
deck power:631

This guy's monsters are weak as hell,jus dont let him have too many of them on the field or say hello to darkness and light dragon.The main problem is the number of monster removal he packs.Bottomless trap hole,mirror force,dimensional prison,he has it all.Pack more s/t removal if you want to win without too much trouble.

Thats all for now.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

persona 3

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:9.0

It is great,it is awesome,it is unbelievable,it is speechlessly good.Best RPG 2007,persona 3 is a game not to be missed by RPG fans,half the world,no,3/4 the world should know this game.Persona 2 on the PS was not a very popular game but 10 years later persona 3 is a BOMB.This RPG-dating sim kinda game is on my top 10 favourtie games,maybe even top 5.

Being a RPG/dungeon crawler/sim style/dating game this game is totally great(sorry for repeating its greatness so many times),it fits most kind of gamers,most people who love fighting will find it hard to turn this game down(most people I know that is).Ok enough of my nonsense.You play as a nameless teen who has lost his parents in an accident 10 years ago,in which he knows nothing about it.Due to that he has been transfered to various schools to coup with living I guess.One day he gets transfered to Gekkoukan high school,in which he arrives in the city of it in the late night,close to 12 am.When the clock hit 12,everything stopped....the walking people turned into coffins,the streets were filled with blood,the moon turned a slight green colour.When he arrives at his dorm he gets greeted by a babe pointing a gun at his head,then this other chick comes to stop her.Hmm,very complicated,its hard to explain.Anyway this is where you will be told to enter your name and stuff.

As you proceed into the game,you will find out about the midnight hour,its when the clock hits 12 am,everything stops,and shadows come out to feed on chosen people,who are supposed to be in thier coffins but they are not.This hidden hour remains unknown,noone knows of it,except chosen ones and persona wielders.During this hour a HUGE tower(256 floors I think)forms called tarterus,the nest of shadows.When your main character awakens to his persona,he gains ability to fight shadows,along with his friends of SEED,a club of persona wielders.

Now then,on to the battle system.The battle system is quite simple.You choose a party of four to explore the tower,four and no more,and when you see an enemy on screen wack it to enter battle mode,in which you get the advantage,if the enemy wacks you on screen then the enemy gets the advantage.Simple.

Ok in battle mode you DONT control your party members,they control themselves.I hate to say this but they are DUMB,you can order them to do stuff though,support,go all out,or just standby.These orders help ALOT.Like most RPGs in battle you can attack,use items,flee,use skills.But in this game skills depend on what persona you are using.If your persona has 5 skills,then you can only use those 5 skills,and only one person can have 1 persona,sad right?But never fear,your character can hold up to 8 personas(12 in the future).

Personas are obtained by killing monsters.When you get enough personas you can fuse them into stronger ones.This is a good way to get real powerful personas

Lastly,the friend system.In school or outside school,you can befriend some people,by doing so increases the power of personas,so the more the friends the better.You can just find people to generally hang out with,or you can befriends girls in school to make them into your girlfriends,wee.Guys and outside friends are easy to get along with,girlfriends are the real problem,if they see you hanging out with another girl,oo you are so dead.Dating girls require patience.

Overall an awesome game.I would reccomend anyone to buy it,seriously,ANYONE.

Moving on.You dueled those 2 guys,now move to the fella guarding the building.

deck name:masterful magician
deck power:580

Quite easy.He has an array of good cards,skilled dark magician,dark magician girl etc.Well the main idea is for him to summon dark magician to dominate the field,but well,thats it.

Move in and save.Try heading west for 1 more.And after him theres 1 more.

deck name:ida dragons
deck power:590

Meh,he packs dragons.But thats pretty much it.Hes biggest fighter is felgrand dragon with 2800 ATK.Pack monster removals to totally own him.Oh yeah,be careful he may combo up red eyes b chick to red eyes b dragon.

deck name:lucky turtle shell
deck power:620

Fucker here packs a stall deck.And a mean 1.He has gravity bind and level limit area B.His monsters are meant to fcking outdeck you.If you have to,go to google and type dust tornado,buy 3 of those in the game via passwording the bottom left code of the image of dust tornado in google.Get all the s/t removal you can get,and jus fkin pound the shyt out of this guy,before he outdecks you.

After Kameno go foward into a box room,you should be able to solve the puzzle,if you cant then there is seriously something wrong with you.Anyway if you screw the puzzle press Y to reset.After saving blitz get out of this stinking hideout.

Now watch a few scenes with yusei and receive a duel runner engine.The game will fast foward a few days and rally will give you a cpu.Now you need to test it.From the subway,head east.There are 3 duelists here.

deck name:ask me
deck power:510

We all hate yusuke,why?Counter traps.MANY counter traps and his habit to call out
santuary in the sky to refrain you from damaging him.You cant risk it and your objective is to shut down his traps.If you dont he will call out voltanis with 2800 ATK and totally beat the shyt out of you.If you have jinzo,the difficuly will drop to 1.

deck name:too funny
deck power:505

Marie is not too hard.She has a plant/insect synchro deck.She will use it well,but it can be easily countered with security orb/kunai with chain....stuff like that.She will most of the time use tuners and synchro summon naturia beast with 2200 ATK,just bring out for lvl 5-6 and you will be just fine.

deck name:you're not human
deck power:512

Hes got a good zombie deck.And he will not fail to make abuse of it.My hatest combo of his,to summon pyramid turtle and wack your powerful lvl 4 monsters with it and them special summon lich lord to kill that powerful lvl 4 monster.His monsters attack dont stretch too far off though,pack plenty of reinforcements/rush recklessly and you should do fine.

Thats all for now....

I wanna finish it fast!So here goes on.After deafeating Rally,move south to the subway he told you about and you will find Nervin.He wants to duel you so go beat him.

Deck name:total equip
deck power:470

When fighting nervin,I laughed a few times at his strategy.It seems he packs random monsters ranged 1200-1700 ATK and equips them with lame equip cards.Dont worry most of them dont grant ATK boosts.Really easy,just thrash him,seriously.

After the duel and a scene head into the subway,or if you want duel nervin some more for easy DP.When you are ready head in the subway and after tank and blitz do some intro you get to duel tank.

deck name:total effect
deck power:490

Another easy ass.From what I see the only thing he does is draw cards until he has at least 6 and summon muka muka with 1800 ATK.Real dumb,since his hand size will go down sooner or later.Another easy win.

Now its blitz.

deck name:satellite wall
deck power:500

Still easy as hell.His strategy is to swarm you with high def monsters I think,such like giant soilder of stone and statue of aztec.Just get your lvl 5-6 monsters out to trash him.

After a few scenes you will be brought to the shack.Touch the computer to piss rally off,and yusei shows up.After more scenes you will know that you are a turbo duelist and everyone wants to find you a duel runner.The game will fast foward a few days,move outta the subway and follow blitz west and the thug here will sell you a duel runner for 1000 DP.If you dont have enough,head back to the subway and duel rally/nervin for DP.

When you buy your duel runner,turns out it was a scam,no enginge and cpu.Blitz goes to complain and gets kidnapped.Try to save him and go back to the subway to inform the guys.After which head back to the gang hideout area ,there are 2 guys here.Duel them.

deck name:Time to invade!
deck power:480

Hes harder then the rest you faced so far.But you can own him as long as he doesnt swarm the field.Get your 1800 ATK and more monsters out to destroy him.He does have mirror force and wrath of the snake diety so be careful,use prime material dragon to counter those.Oh yea,if he summons worm king/queen use security orb or kunai with chain to help you.

deck name:the ten warriors
deck power:492

This guy can be quite hard at this current part of the game.If you wanna beat him,I suggest more cards that change battle positions(security orb,kunai with chain)or cards that boost your monster ATK in an instant(reinforcements,rush recklessly),dont let him have more than 1 monster,or he will combo with his tuner to summon X saber urebellum,then you are most likely screwed.

Thats all for now.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Valkyrie profile:lenneth

Gamespot score:7.5(good)

my score:7.5

Okay,here is to the valkyrie profile series.This the 1st game of the series
talking about how lenneth,our valkyrie for this game,goes around the human world to recruit the souls of fallen humans to become warriors for asgard,the so called"heaven" for that game,to prepare them for the upcoming war "ragnarok".The score for this game by gamespot is totally my style.Ok enough about what I think,on with the post.

At the start of the game,there is some prolouge about this guy named lucian and his friend platina.One day platina's mom wants to sell her daughter for slavery,but lucian hears the conversation between platina's mom and the agents,as he cannot bear to see his childhood friend get sold to slavery,he helps her escape.During the long long long escape however,they run into a field of flowers.Platina is tired as hell,so they decide to take a rest.It turns out the flowers were poisonous,thus platina suffered a cruel death,but for some reason lucian survived and thus he became depressed of this incident ever since.

Okay,this is a rpg and one might think that it follows the turn by turn system,well its true,but this game's turn by turn is hella cool.Instead of one by one character wacking the enemy,you can make your character party of 4 attack all at once,and if they do enough damage,they get to pile it on even more with thier special attacks,each character has thier own special skill,this means endless combos,as there are easily 20 characters in this game!The game objective is simple,you play as valkyrie,flying around the human world,to either land in towns to recruit warriors,or land in dungeons to purge demons and undead,and I warn you bosses in this game are not to tempered with,they are suprisingly difficult.

Overall a great rpg game.RPG lovers who want a rpg game with a different view of battle should get this.

Okay,lets get this started.Im gonna start this project early and finish it early,so Im starting today.

Okay when you start make your character,shouldnt be too hard to do it.Then,before you jump to story mode,enter world championship and customize your deck,since there are some lame ass cards in your deck,and some good ones that can be swaped into it in the side deck.Take out worm barses,sonic chick and dragon ice,put in ancient gear knight,fossil tusker and ghost gardna.Thats for monsters.For s/t,take out counter counter,cup of ace,overworked and radiant mirror force,put in compulsory evacuation device.Now,you have 1500 dp,buy some packs,there are 4 available,hope you get good cards,here are some key ones.

Dark beginning 1:blue eyes white dragon,change of heart,jinzo,torriental tribute,united we stand,,mystical space typhoon,nobleman of crossout,dust tornado ,monster reborn and trap hole

Dark beginning 2:injection fairy lily,command knight,creature swap,heavy storm,mirror force,7 tools of the bandit,solemn judgement and bottomless trap hole.

Dark revelations volume 1:Blast held by a tribute,breaker the magical warrior,cost down,XYZ monsters and fusions,gravekeeper set and the amazoness set.

Dark revelations 2:enemy controller,gear golem the moving fortress,zaborg the thunder monarch,draining shield,berserk gorilla and night assailant

Right now,dark beginnings 1 and 2 pack the best cards.Mirror force, torriental tribute,heavy storm,monster reborn and change of heart are all awesome "must get" cards.In my opinion mirror force and heavy storm are still the best.Dark revelations volume 1 is a good pack if you want to make gravekeeper/XYZ decks,I recommend XYZ since it can help you through half the difficult duels in the game if you get a good set,dont get me wrong gravekeeper decks are still great,your choice.Maybe the only good card in dark revelations volume 2 is zaborg thunder monarch,dont buy this pack,its just not worth.

When you are ready jump into story mode.There will be a scene and you will meet rally,after he runs off to get his deck,save your game and customize your deck if you havent.When you are ready,try to leave and rally appears to duel you.Go time.

deck name:mecha shot
deck power:515

If you custiomized your deck before,this should be easy,if you haven't,this will still be
quite easy.His monsters are weak,the strongest being only X head cannon with 1800 ATK.He has no real strategy whatsoever,overall,an easy win.

Well today only covered what you should do at the start and your 1st duel.Posting part 2 in the future.Peace.

Really bored.I mean REALLY bored.So im going to start my 1st blog project,project yugioh world championship 2009,the guide.Im mostly writing this guide for myself,and probably my cousin who just started,I dont even know if hes keeping track though.Of all games,why yugioh 2009?I like it,simple reason.I will post a review on it after i finish the guide,simple.

The guide only covers until I finish the main story.I will not cover any side stuffs.I will cancel the project when I dont feel like doing it anymore.

Well nothing else,today's post is just an intro,Ill be doing the real guide when I like it,Peace.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

best game character:2 june 09

Yay,today we talk about naoto XD.Look at the picture>>.A guy? Or
a girl?The answer is,well,its a girl.The boyish -girlish tomboy ace detective is originated from persona 4.Being the last character who joins the party in the game,she got her persona when she confessed that she did not cherish herself for who she was as she had always wanted to be a boy,since boys are usually detectives,not girls.

Well despite that because of her doubts in herself and not wanting to accept her other self,her shadow went berserk and the party had to face it(disappointing though, it was quite easy).After that she joins and confesses that she is a girl.Altough she is a tomboy and always wears a male uniform to school,there is no denying that she is cuter and much hotter than the other in-game females XD.

If you actually decide to date her for chrismas she wears her female uniform,which she looks absolutely adorable!!Anyway time for her fighting style,being an ace detective a pistol is her weapon of choice,and her persona is a fly like thing that is around only 1/4 her size,its name is sukuna-hikona and when evolved it becomes yamato-takeru.Her fighting style in battle is cool,her stance and battle speeches and winning poses and all,one might actually mistaken her for a boy.

This is what naoto looks like as her persona,like a little fairy :D.She has the maniless and coolness as a boy and the body and face of a cute and sexy female,that is what makes her deserve the best game character title.
"I dont think this is a game either,"-naoto shirogane