Opening Songs
OP 1 - Exterminate (Nana Mizuki)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Rebirth Day (Ayahi Takagaki)

Genre: Action

Episodes: 13

Its good to see anime that people love get critical acclaim. I mean, "Symphogear" did well enough to get 3 seasons, and not long after season 3 finished airing, they decided that they were going to do even more sequels because of how well received "GX" was. Now this kind of blows my mind, sure I do enjoy my time with "Senki Zesshou Symphogear", but there are certainly A LOT more shows out there that deserve attention. With the release of 3 whole seasons, its become rather apparent that they are quite running dry of fresh new ideas to pep this franchise with, seeing as how this 3rd season is, once again, not all that much different from the first 2. Still, don't fix what ain't broken, and if people like this kind of stuff, I don't see how they should deviate from this. To me, its just another season of the same, magical singing mech girls fighting off their evil counterparts.

Probably the best Symphogear related image out there.

As we can expect from Nana Mizuki, "Exterminate" is another great song from her that used as the opening theme to "Symphogear GX". Out of the 3 songs used for opening themes in the franchise, I can safely say that this one is the best, it packs so much energy, power and hype outside of the first few seconds of her singing slowly. The ending theme is "Rebirth Day" by Ayahi Takagaki, and like in previous seasons, its a synthy ending theme sang with soft, yet powerful vocals. Very fitting for the seiyuu of Chris, though I do find "Second Destination" to be a stronger song.

Rating:  7.5/10

This one was SLIGHTLY better than the second season, which is a pretty good thing. The opening few episodes are eerily similar to season 2 in the sequence of the main protagonists encountering a new enemy, and that the new enemy proceeds to declare war on the world. It was quite a...boring way to start, especially since our newly added members to the group from season 2 didn't get much screen time, and it was back to old Tachibana and Yukine. Still, outside of the opening episode, it gets better, though I didn't like the new villain all too much on her own, she had her own band of varied and badass dolls to do combat for her, all of which had nice, varying personalities (except for one). As for our main heroines, it seems like Tachibana is back to her old, self sacrificial self, and while the main trio remain mostly the same, the new characters from season 2 have changed to become slightly more likable, which I find really nice. Other than that though, the story is still a delightfully simple battle of good versus bad with a villain that has a painful past, which is to say, not much. But if you're here for "Symphogear", you're here for the insane action scenes, which still hold up nicely with over the top attacks, explosions and visual effects. Seeing noise get ripped apart has never been so satisfying, and the fact that the girls all get a second mode "power up" made the crazy factor even more insane.

Well, the team sure got bigger.

Tachibana Hibiki, Kazanari Tsubasa and Yukine Chris are the guardians of the world. Well, to be more specific, they are the only 3 able to fully utilize the Symphogear into their weapons to fight against the noise. Of course, that was the case until they met the trio of Maria, Shirabe and Kirika. The 3 were at odds with our protagonists, but have seen made up with one another, though their usage of Symphogears were simply halted because it would be too dangerous for them to wield at the moment. So its back to the 3 being Noise hunters...actually only 2, as Tsubasa had to continue her career as an idol, so the other picked up the slack for her. All while this was going on a new threat appeared, a loli witch who goes by the name Carol. She appears to want to destroy the world (yet again, like all baddies), and she has control over several mechanical, humanized dolls that have the power to combat against the Symphogears. Our heroines must step into the spotlight yet again to defend the world from its new would-be assailants.

With more "Symphogear" on the horizon, its quite easy to see that this franchise is going to become a thing. In fact, its already a huge enough thing to be able to spawn 3 seasons with more on the way. If it can remain ridiculously flashy and entertaining with its fight scenes, I won't complain too much. Just....give us more Chris.