Opening Songs
OP 1 - Kakushinteki Metamorphose (Aimi Tanaka)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Hidamari Days (Aimi Tanaka, Akari Kageyama, Haruka Shiraishi, Yurina Furukawa)

Genre: Comedy, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 12

Praise the lord and savior of NEETs that is Doma Umaru! "Himouto! Umaru Chan" is another one of those shows that pretty much went viral in the anime community because of its sheer ridiculous and silliness when all things are considered. When you an art style like THAT, its really no wonder that people start to wonder really hard and then start watching your show. Well, you can right away tell that "Umaru Chan" is nothing but funnies. After all, if you're going to watch this show for anything else, you're going to get moot. If you're looking for a good comedy show, "Umaru Chan" offers just that, but nothing much else. If you want good, developing characters, romance, or ANYTHING at all, then you won't be finding it here, because "Umaru Chan" offers laughs, and only laughs. When its not doing that, its really just not doing its job right. Fret not, when its on the right track, "Umaru Chan" is a pleasure to watch, and its easy-going nature makes sure everyone fits right in from the very get-go.

Go figure, Umaru likes SF IV.

Being a crazy show about a crazy girl, "Kakushinteki Metamorphose" by Aimi Tanaka (who is also the seiyu for Umaru) is probably the best opening song you could ask for. Its noisy, its spontaneous, and its extremely catchy, even just after the first few seconds. It fits the overall theme of the show and its a pretty good listen, even if it gets slightly old after awhile. The ending theme though, "Hidamari" days, which is sang by the seiyuus of the main girls in the show, isn't that good. Its a typical, harmonious, slow, ending song....not something I particularly like.

Rating: 7.5/10

Its a good show, that much I can back it up. Many people say that the show overstays it welcome with 12 episodes, as its pretty much the same thing for 12 episodes done in different ways. To some degree, they are right, its all about how much you can this style of comedy with Umaru being ridiculous and spoiled. If you aren't being too over critical about it, "Umaru Chan" can easily get you going through its 12 episodes run, for me it flew by so quickly because I was enjoying myself with its parodies and silly jokes. The art style is kind of lazy, especially with Umaru, but I'd say its part of the show's charm. This is pretty much the telling of a life of a brother/sister pair with very few points of synergy, so the show is VERY focused on its 2 core main characters, and little much on everyone else. Because of that, every other characters  don't feel too well focused or developed, which isn't much of a problem in a show like this. This is the kind of shit you watch for fun on a weekend morning, and it works.

Me when a girl walks in on me full otaku-mode.

Doma Umaru is the perfect high school girl. Dazzling looks, perfect grades, and an incredibly successful social life. She's got it all, she is the apple of everybody's eye, and she turns heads wherever she goes, she's just that kind of girl. However, whenever she gets home, she undergoes a transformation. She super deforms herself into a hamster hooded ultra NEET that does nothing but enjoy the pleasures of being indoors. Playing videogames, watching anime, going on NND, eating junk food and making fun with her pet hamsters...that's basically what she DOES EVERY DAY. Her brother and room mate, Taihei, is a working man that has to deal with her shenanigans everyday, and he is not exactly well equipped to handle her nonsense. Though the 2 love each other as siblings, they don't exactly have the best synergy. Taihei is forced to play along with his little sister's nonsense, and slowly but surely, the friends of brother and sister join the fray.

"Himouto! Umaru Chan" works for what it is. Its a comedy/slice of life show that solely focuses on its key point, the ridiculousness of Umaru.  Seeing her and her brother go through everyday life is amusing enough to be entertaining, and to me, that's more than a passing mark, especially if it keeps me chuckling along the way.