Opening Songs
OP 1 - Wonder Stella (Fhana)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Happening Diary (Yumeha Koda)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Episodes: 10

If it ain't broken, don't fix it. By now I think the "Magical Girl Illya" spin off franchise might have more episodes than the original "Fate" series itself. This incredibly fun and nonsensical spin off might just be popular enough to overtake the main series, seeing as it has now spawned a total of 4 seasons, which is mind blowing, to say the least. This is the 3rd season, despite the title being incredibly misleading, newcomers would think that it's actually season 2. Anyway, the 3rd season basically recycles the formula of those before it, using the main central cast of loli girls to shower the viewers with fan service, "character building" episodes before unloading the fights scenes unto us. There's really not much to say here, if you liked the previous offerings, this one will get you just as good, otherwise, then there's nothing really incredible here that can convince you into starting on the franchise.

Loli it to the end!

As in previous seasons, the opening and ending themes take the same tone. We have "Wonder Stella" by Fhana for the opening theme and "Happening Diary" by Yumeha Koda for the ending theme. Not much to say here, except that "Wonder Stella" does feel slightly weaker than previous opening songs in of the anime, and that "Happening Diary" is....yet another slow paced song. Next.

Rating: 7.0/10

While it kind of worked in season 2 for quite a bit since they had to spend some time building Kuroh, a lot of season 3 is actually spent doing a whole lot of nothing. While I do enjoy the typical tropes of school girls running around doing ridiculous things, I pretty much liked it better if the girls did some fighting, because that's what I was here more. More so than ever, season 3's filler blab episodes are a little bit too long and excessive, doing nothing but making me ask one very simple question "when do we get to see some fights?". Thankfully, the action does come in the final 30% of the show or so, and its probably some of the best damn fighting I've seen in the 3 seasons as a whole...but for this season, the action to nonsense ratio tilts too much into the nonsense side. Too much episodes wasted on pointless endeavors, I felt like they only needed the beach arc in terms of nonsensical filler episodes, the others felt...idiotic. 

Eh....I'm not too sure about elementary school
girls being worried about...boob sizes.

After the events of the second season, Kuroh has now successfully blended into Illya's life a full 100%. She now lives in Illya's home and fits right well into school as Illya's awfully similar looking cousin. In trade for living a normal life, she now just needs to suck some of Illya's mana by having lesbian kiss sessions. Anyway with Illya, Miyu and Kuroh now an unstoppable team, and with the cliffhanger of season 2 about the 8th possible class card, Rin, Luvia and Bazett start conducting investigations about it. The card itself is currently hidden very deep into the earth and is very hard to excess, so they've got some digging to do. In the meantime, everyone screws around while waiting for construction work to be done so that they can actually do something about the 8th class card.

Season 3 of "Magical Illya" just simply ends up being more of the same, though there are significantly more filler episodes here, which people may or may not take to. Personally, the action sequences in Illya are quite thrilling and are on par with those of the original "Fate" franchise, and its one of the main focal points of the show. As long as they stick to that, I'll feel a lot better about recommending it.