Opening Songs
OP 1 - Ring Ring Rainbow! (YuiKaori)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Honey Come! (Yui Ogura)

Genre: Comedy, Slice Of Life

Regular world. Royal family of super powered teenagers. Ruling over the country. Enter "Castle Town Dandelion", possibly one of my favorite shows last year. I was this freaking close to putting this into my top 10 shows of 2015, its probably just slightly below "Jojo", because "Dandelion" is just that good. Being a show that starts off surprisingly simple, it becomes an incredibly unique show about a cast of unlikely heroes and heroines. With such a diverse cast, great character writing and more, "Castle Town Dandelion" is a fun watch from start to finish, especially since some of these characters are incredibly easy to relate to. If you're looking for another comedic slice of life anime to fill up your huge ass library of similar genre-d animes, "Castle Town Dandelion" will fit right in, and probably surpass some of your expectations.

Girls in swimsuits galore.

Being a little bit of a cute-sy show that it is, "Castle Town Dandelion" has some cute-sy theme songs. The opening theme is "Ring Ring Rainbow" by YuiKaori, which is the duo of Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara. the seiyuus of 2 of the shows heroines. Its a very fast paced and cute song that sounds really cheerful, which probably fits for this type of show. The ending theme is "Honey Come" by Yui Ogura, which is another cute-sy ending theme, only this one isn't as fast. 

Rating: 8.0/10

With a majority of slice of life comedy shows not having much of a theme going on nowadays, "Castle Town Dandelion" does the right theme of giving the show some sort of a "goal" from the very start. The very first episode alone introduces us to its incredibly colorful cast of characters (literally colorful though, almost everyone has a different hair color) and the goal that they are striving for, which is to simply become king. The fact that our protagonist is so god damned adorable (and maybe sometimes a little bit annoying) and that her siblings are all different in one way or another really seems to contrast extremely well. Even though "Dandelion" is also a show about super powers, the fact that they aren't used for action scenes is a welcome addition, just because you have superpowers, that doesn't mean you need bloodthirsty teens to go at each other mercilessly. Now that we've gotten the fact that there's no action out of the way, "Dandelion" is all about building up its characters until the inevitable finale, which they couldn't have concluded any better. Also, for a slice of life show, there are plenty of fun and quirky moments for our super powered, royally bred teenagers.

Akane is always embarrassed. For no reason. That's pretty moe.

The Sakurada family is one of the quirkiest and most powerful families around. The country of Japan is currently ruled under the Sakurada family, and with the king soon stepping down, he has plans to let one of his children take over to rule the country. How fitting that he actually has 9 freaking children to choose from to pass the torch over to. The Sakurada kids all have super powers of their own, and with the goal being given to them to get votes from the citizens to take over the throne, they have quite a lot on their shoulders. With the entire country being plastered with cameras to film the daily lives of the Sakurada children, they have to be extremely mindful of their actions with the public watching them. Winner with the most votes takes the throne, so basically they have to use their powers to do some really impressive stuff. With protagonist Akane being super shy and scared, she hates herself being filmed to the public. Thus begins her struggle to stay out of the vain of course.

"Castle Town Dandelion" is just lovely. It certainly may not be for everyone, but for slice of life lovers, I'd recommend this one. There's quite a lot going on in here, but its still a worthwhile show to invest into. It even wraps up very nicely despite being only 12 episodes long.