Spoilers for the following games:

Guilty Gear Xrd 
Tales Of Xillia 2 
Dark Souls 3 
Azure Striker Gunvolt 

The pope. The f**king pope is always the bad guy!

5. Ariels
From: Guilty Gear Xrd Series

Number 5 on today's list is Ariels, the piece of shit pope and leader of the political world of "Guilty Gear". Seriously though, this one's more of a maniac than a bitch.

Ariels is utterly insane. Widely known in the world of "Guilty Gear" as the Sanctus Maximus, the one all, do all that can do NO wrong to the world, Ariels is actually the universal will in human form, disguised to win the trust of the people before going ape shit to destroy all humanity. To do so she needs to fuse Elphelt with Justice, the former of which she captured at the end of the original Xrd with the help of Bedman, a ridiculously powerful assassin under her hire.

Being the universal will, Ariels has one wish, to recreate the human race from scratch, because at the moment, she views them as an "inferior" and "pathetic" race. Being a god and all, she simply thinks that everyone is below her, and reveals her maniacal, sadistic side when we see her mentally torturing Elphelt as she proceeds to wreak havoc all around the world with her crazy shit plan using inhuman, exploding gears. She even pulls off a joker, coloring her face in a distraught color scheme during the victory celebration party before killing everyone in sight in revealing her true plan to all of humanity. She goes down valiantly while fighting the god of a protagonist Sol, but she does show that she retains A SHRED of humanity by asking Sol to look after her 2 daughters Ram and El at the end before she goes down.

Villains always gotta look good, even if they're in their 30s.

4. Victor
From: Tales Of Xillia 2

Taking 4th place today is Victor, the mysterious masked man from "Tales Of Xillia 2" that probably only had 30-40 minutes of screen time at most in a 50 hour game. What made him so special?

Victor's role in "Tales Of Xillia 2" may not have been too impactful or explosive, but his very existence shakes the very core of the main character, Ludger's, foundation. From the very moment we see him in the prologue animated cut scene, we don't know too much about him since we don't see his face, but we do know that he is Elle's father. However, right in the thick of the game where we truly get to see him in person, we start to see links. The way he cooks, the way he talks to everyone, the way he treats Elle...its all too eerie and slightly disturbing.

That's right, for a game all about time travelling and dimension hopping, it had to happen. Victor is the "fractured dimension" of Ludger, and in that state, he has a daughter known as Elle. The Elle we've been protecting and sheltering the entire game is actually our daughter...in an alternate dimension anyway. Either way, Victor fights the group, and is immediately portrayed as a complete monster in battle, sporting the exact same moves as Ludger, only stronger. And just LIKE Ludger, he has access to his own, twisted version of Kresnik, which he abused, and it took everything he loved away from him, except his daughter. In a way, we can sympathize with the fellow, even with his dying breath, he asks Ludger to take care of Elle. If that's anyone who can take care of his daughter...its him, after all. Even if its another version of himself, he's just that glad.

The sith lord of the "Souls" franchise.

3. Pontiff Sulyvahn
From: Dark Souls 3

In 3rd place today we have yet again, another pope figure. Say hello to Pontiff Sulyvahn, possibly the closest thing we have to the "Souls" franchise as a total f**king dickbag.

Pontiff Sulyvahn is the asshole of assholes, the douche of all douchebags in the "Souls" franchise. He is the one character in the game that takes all that we enjoyed and liked in the original "Dark Souls" lore wise, and crushes them all. He feeds Gwyndolin to the god eating Aldrich so that he can rule over Anor Londor, he imprisons Yorshka high up into a tower so that she cannot do anything, and he completely rules over new Anor Londo as the renamed Boreal valley.

Swarming the entire place with his knights and beasts, this man single-handedly screwed over Anor Londo and made the entire place his bitch house. To make matters worse, he is probably the piece of shit who set up all those Pontiff creatures to stand in your way. Boreal, the Dancer, and even the Cathedral wards...everything has traces of the Pontiff getting out of his way to make sure that you do NOT kill the lords of Cinder. Unfortunately, this guy doesn't have any dialogue, if he did, that would be so freaking sweet. Imagine him putting up an epic speech as you walk up to him in his cathedral in the Boreal Valley...before he proceeds to cut you up like Swiss cheese with his epic, dual great swords. Man, what a beast, too bad we can never be as cool as this dude.

Holy mother of jesus. Oh HELL no!

2. Asimov
From: Azure Striker Gunvolt

Number 2 on today's list is probably the one I personally have the biggest beef with out of all the villains here. Asimov is his name, and he is one hell of an asshole.

"Azure Striker Gunvolt"'s story is relatively simple. Gunvolt tries to over run Sumeragi while trying to house Joule, a girl that he's vowed to protect. Simply put that Quill, a terrorist organization bent on stopping Sumeragi, helped Gunvolt out a whole lot, and its leader is Asimov. After being a mentor figure and friend to Gunvolt for so long, its natural that it hurts when Asmimov back stabs Gunvolt at the VERY end, after the leader of Sumeragi was felled. Seizing the weapon of the anti-adept Copen, Asimov shoots Gunvolt, pretty much killing him, then he proceeds to shoot poor Joule as well. The pair die, and the game ends with an all so sour note...

That is unless you play the true ending route, where Gunvolt is saved by Joule's pendant. Sure, Joule is still dead, but her spiritual self Lumen fuses with Gunvolt. Now burning with power and a spirit of vengeance, he goes to confront Asimov before he sets to rule this new, deformed world with Sumeragi out of the picture. Asimov is STRONG, even with Lumen's song empowering Gunvolt to the heavens, this man turns everything around with Copen's anti-adept pistol and his very own Azure Striker ability, which rivals, and at some times, even triumph's over Gunvolt's. The true manifestation of a badass villain, Asimov goes out standing still, and when Gunvolt's friends find out that he kills their former commander, the game still ends with a bittersweet tone. What the f*ck man....

The simplest are always the deadliest.

1. Chara
From: Undertale

I'm very sure I don't have to say anything about this one. Number 1 on today's list can only be pure evil incarnate, and that is none other than Chara.

Make no mistake, Chara is YOU, the player character, US, IN THE GAME. Frisk is the player character, Chara is the player. It's all a mind f*cking logic that will cause you to rip your hair to shreds, so we'll leave it at that. Anyway, if you choose to play the game in the genocide route, you're pretty much Chara anyway, you kill all the lovable characters and mess up the entire world, turning it into a true shit storm as its denizens all struggle to escape from your grasp.

Chara is unstoppable, they're the player character anyway. Dieing means we'll load the game, we can go back in time as many times as we want, no matter how strong our foe is, we'll still win in the very end, and they can do nothing as we tear them to shreds. All their hopes and dreams, crushed under our very boot. We grind in every area, killing EVERYTHING that resides in it before moving on, all to increase our LOV, our level of violence. We become so powerful that even when confronted by the most powerful being in the "Undertale" universe, we pretty much kill him in a single blow. Complete bullshit if you ask me. When we make it to the surface, we even destroy THAT world. Wow. As long as you choose to BECOME Chara, there is no going back. Chara even semi-jump scares you if you say no to their proposition of ending EVERYTHING...then proceeds to fill your screen with 9s.