HP: 5770
Skills: Homing Fireballs*, Homing Dark Ball*, Laser, Light Blade, Dark Soul Spear, Explosion*, Clone*
Souls: 35000

Difficulty: 3/5
Deaths: 2

All of the bosses in these post should be attempted post game and are COMPLETELY optional, mind you. First off we have the Darklurker, which is probably the biggest pain in the ass to get to out of the 3 optional post game bosses, but also probably the one who you'll need the least effort to kill in an actual fight (doesn't mean he's the easiest). You have to join the Pilgrims Of Dark Covenant and finish the Dark Chasm dungeons, lighting up the flames inside them to get access to him. Its already a massive pain to join Pilgrims Of Dark, so...yeah, I didn't bother fighting this guy with my other characters.

How does that even f**king work?

In terms of looks, Darklurker might be one of the most intimidating bosses in the game. This dude is pretty much a hooded angel of death that's fully cloaked in white in probably the darkest area in the game, he spells death from head to toe. Anyway, as intimidating as he seems, he's not THAT hard. Sure, he's tougher than about half the bosses in this game, but not by much. Despite his incredibly diverse move set, he's very easy to take down at this point of the game with his low health pool. Still, its a damned good battle, and one of the best designed fights in the game.

Homing Fireballs* - He summons a huge fireball above his head, and 3 fireballs come out of that. These 3 balls have a homing effect and each does considerable damage.

Homing Dark Ball* - He spawns a dark ball and has it go into a portal, then that ball appears in another portal that he spawns somewhere in the room. The ball then homes in on you.

Laser - A straightforward beam attack on you. Easily rolled away on instinct.

Light Blade - His means of attacking you up front. He usually dashes forward towards you in a short distance. Can be blocked, but has piercing magic damage. Usually comes in a combo of 3-4 hits.

Dark Soul Spear - A straightforward projectile attack, easy to dodge.

Explosion* - Only used if you stay in melee range for too long. Undodgeable and unblockable, this attack does tons of damage. I suggest you alternate back and forth when fighting him.

Clone* - Used at 60% HP. He clones himself and the clone can do EVERY attack that he has in his arsenal. The clone takes damage to his main HP bar as well.

Don't be fooled, there's really not THAT much to look out for when you're fighting against this guy. At this stage of the game in the regular NG, with about 40 Vit and decent armor, you'll be able to tank more than 3 hits from this guy, which is a lot more than you can against the other bosses in the post game. The Darklurker is more of a mage than anything else, using attacks like his Homing Fireballs or Dark Ball to destroy you. Thankfully, he stands perfectly still while casting these powerful attacks, so you can get a few hits in on his fairly low health pool. Since he likes to keep things at a distance, expect to not be able to melee him at times as he teleports ridiculously far away before he attacks or stays floating in the air. Because of this, always come prepared with some formed of ranged attack.

You cloning bastard!

His homing spells are generally the most dangerous, as well, they home, and you'll need precise dodges to roll through or over them. The fire balls especially, can be tricky, since there are 3 of them in a rather small time frame for you to dodge in succession. These are easier to see coming though when in compared to the dark ball, since they come in straight from the Darklurker, while the Dark Ball comes in from a random direction in which his dark portal spawns, probably behind you. Other than that he can fire straight forward projectiles like Laser or Dark Soul Spear, which are easy to dodge compared to his homing shenanigans. Then again, these don't do TOO much damage, ironically enough, his most powerful attacks come from close range.

Up close, he attacks with Light Blade, which is his form of a melee attack. He can dash up to you for a strike at mid-range, or attack in a multiple hit combo at close range. Dodge away when he starts swinging, because unless you have a strong hex shield, the piercing damage usually doesn't make blocking worth it. Finally, if you force him into melee combat for too long, he uses Explosion for some massive AOE damage, so try to back off after every combo. At 60% HP or so, he'll clone himself in an attempt to make the battle harder, though this actually gives you the advantage for awhile.

While cloning, he stands still, giving you TONS of free damage on him. Also, while cloned, the clone takes damage to the main health bar as well, meaning that you have MORE opportunities to do damage to him. At this point, I'd forgo defense and go all out to try killing him, because he'll literally be almost close to dead AND has more ways to die with his clone on the board. Of course, if you decide to drag this out, the clone and his main body combined can do some nasty shenanigans to ensure you quick demise, so make the battle quick. He gives 35000 souls on death, which is pretty pathetic.