Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Pervertiv Post 11: Blood Thirsty Maidens

....You can't wear THAT to a fight! 

Name: Bishamonten
From: Noragami

This bloodthirsty babe is out for Yato's blood for the entirety of 1 and a half seasons, if anything, she's over possessive. Being a girl who's pretty much used to seeing her entire clan die before her, she she adopts for a lighter wardrobe and arsenal in present age, pretty much looking like the sexiest booth babe ever in an electronics show. With her well endowed stature, its not a stretch to say that her "armor" makes her look like an exhibitionist, a really, really, sexy one. But I'm not complaining, I was actually really disappointed that she didn't take this armor into the underworld in season 2 to get all bondaged up by Izanami.

The "shirt only" approach. Classic.

Name: Ange
From: Cross Ange

It's no mistake that Ange is like, the perfect character from her show. Not only is she an awesome character that grows throughout the show, she's f**king sexy to boot. This smoking hot 16 year old is most definitely cheating on every accounting in terms of her looks, she's got great curves, a nice rack, and is almost amazing in every other aspect. To make things even worse, she's put in plenty of "almost rape-worthy" situations that you'll be fantasizing about the "what-if" scenarios in no-time. Did I also mention that she's voiced by Nana Mizuki, which makes this character's sexy-ness factor rise 3 fold?

Underneath the psychopath is actually a really, sexy, sword wielding girl.

Name; Kisara Tendou
From: Black Bullet

I'm a massive sucker for big boobs, and Kisara is the probably the only sexy thing that's in "Black Bullet" in the ocean of lolis that exist within it. Sure there are other girls that AREN'T lolis in the show, but Kisara's pretty much the hottest one with the best figure. Plus, she's got one hell of a school uniform, what the f**k is that skirt?! Still, the ending made her look like a complete, blood drenched psychopath, and I must say, she still looks attractive with all that blood on her face. Kisara is just one of those girls that ends up being sexy without trying too hard. 

The sexiest and classiest dragon-slayer in the world.

Name: Zero
From: Drakengard 3

Here we go. In a world where these forbidden Utatai sisters are forced to murder one another with their male slaves and indestructible dragons, Zero is not only the protagonist, but also the sexiest among her sisters. I mean, look at the girl! She's got a killer body and she's wearing what looks to be a glorified sleeping gown to battle! I mean, her sisters are already pretty high in terms of standard to begin with, but they don't really come close to Zero in terms of her style and outfit, this girl is just fabulous from head to toe. Fabulously sexy, of course, if you want to make your lead in a JRPG a female, this is....a nice example.

We wouldn't be talking about death and destruction without her in the topic!

Name; Beatrice
From: Umineko

All right, we all know about this one. Beatrice is one hell of a killer witch. This sadistic wretch just wants to see everyone die in bloody fashion, over and over and over and over. That by itself makes her quite screwed up, but god damn is she hot. I would be lying if I were to say that I wouldn't want to dive head first into those fun bags. While she usually dons her ball dress, there are glimpses of her in other, more seductive outfits, those are simply the best. There isn't really much fanservice regarding her in the shows, but if you search elsewhere, you'll see that the rest of the world loves our sadistic witch, and they can show you...a lot more. End of the story, she's still f**king hot.