Opening Songs
OP 1 - Cobalt (TrySail)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Anemone (ClariS)

Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction

Episodes: 13

Brilliance and awesomeness come from the most unexpected shows. Going into "Classroom Crisis" nobody expected a good show out of it, judging by the cover alone, you'd expect another average sci-fi high school premise that has been done a thousand and one times before. Well, its not wrong, but the way "Classroom Crisis" tackles its character development and story progression is just so well done. It may not be spot on perfect, but it does it well enough for viewers to be genuinely interested in most of the stuff that's going on in here, especially towards the end, where emotional tension kicks off to its fullest, maximum impact. "Classroom Crisis" is one of the gems of 2015, and one of the shows that I, along with many others, didn't expect to do this well. Well played, I was caught off guard, and I can certainly spread the love about "Classroom Crisis" for that. In a degrading genre and most importantly, in a year already filled with a ton of great shows, "Classroom Crisis" manages to stand above many others on its own, that's something we can compliment it for.

No high school show is complete without girls in swimsuits.

The opening theme is "Cobalt" by TrySail, an artist I never heard from before. That may be the case, but the song is actually pretty damn good, with a nice mixture of synths and great female vocals. I almost mistook it for a GOOD Fripside or ClariS song, which the former DID sing a theme for in this show as the ending. The opening theme would actually fit in something like "Railgun", and that's a great compliment. The ending theme is "Anemone" by ClariS, or, at this point, they would be the NEW ClariS. Its a good song, its faster than their previous contributions to shows like "Oreimo" or the "Monogatari" series, and I enjoyed it quite a fair bit, though "Cobalt" does outshine it as the opening theme.

Rating: 8.0/10

"Classroom Crisis" manages to hit its strongest points very, very well, which are character development on its main characters and story progression. Admittedly, the show starts off rather weak and a little bit uninteresting, which is why it doesn't score higher, though it does ramp up towards the end and finishes off strong in its last few episodes (extremely strong, mind you). Though the show has a rather large cast of characters for a 13 episode offering, it focuses solely on its important ones, leaving the others with less screen time, but just enough to make sure that they aren't ignored. To be completely fair, comedy isn't the show's strongest point, and while there are parts where you can get a chuckle or two out of some of the character's sheer ridiculousness, its not something you'll absolutely remember the show for. "Classroom Crisis" has plenty of character drama, and that's part of what makes some of the episodes so intense, despite the characters never truly being in any danger at all. By the end, you'll feel that they all have come a long way, and you'll grow attached to them.

The face of absolute bitterness.

Sera Kaito is a genius that developed some of the best acceleration engines out there for the rocket industry, which has been a massive deal ever since humanity started to colonize outside of Earth in into other planets. Intergalactic and space travel have become the norm, and Sera Kaito is one of the few geniuses that managed to impact the industry with his genius when he was young. Now at 23 years old, he supervises A-Tec, a special development division owned by the Kiryu corporation, one of the most powerful known corporations in the business. A-Tec is primarily run by a group of incredibly talented engineers, programmers and a test pilot under the supervision of Sera Kaito, who's sort of like a homeroom teacher to them. In A-Tec are also Iris and Mizuki, who's Kaito's younger sister, and also a fellow aspiring mechanic. They continue to shine brilliantly with their work, until they are bombarded with a surprise transfer student, who turns out to be Kiryu Nagisa, one of the potential inheritors of the Kiryu corporation. Of course, as part of the big head company, he's indicated as the boss of A-Tec, and he's going to start being a dick by cutting their budget plans by a large margin. How are A-Tec and Kaito going to turn things around?

"Classroom Crisis" is unfortunately one of those complete stories that probably won't get a sequel, so there's that. However, what's here is already good enough to prove to its competitors that it does a pretty good job. I'd recommend "Classroom Crisis" to anyone who's looking for a different sort of high school setting with really good character development and story.