Opening Songs
OP 1 - D.O.B (Iori Nomizu)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Hallelujah (La La Larks)

Genre: Action, Magic

Episodes: 12

There were so many freaking LN harem adaptations in 2015, so much so that its pretty sickening. You know me though, I'd watch all of them, but even now I'm getting a little bit sick of them. All these magic/fighting high school settings are enjoyable, but its getting a little bit old with all of these adaptations and at the rate the industry is pumping them out....I don't know. I think they DO need to slow down with these kinds of shows. As for "Sky Wizards Acacdemy", I can say this right off the bat: its nothing special. If you didn't enjoy stuff like "Absolute Duo", "Infinite Stratos" or "Trinity Seven", then there's nothing that'll get you into liking the genre as a whole right here. Its incredibly average with nothing much to offer to those who already watched similar, but superior shows. If you do like your magical high school harems, this is a decent watch, but its nothing too spectacular. Otherwise, if you don't enjoy the genre in the first place, stay away.

Ah...Megami posters are simply the best, aren't they?

The opening theme is "D.O.B" by Iori Nomizu. Since I DO enjoy miss Nomizu as both a seiyuu and a singer, I'd say that "D.O.B" is a decently good song. Its certainly not one of her better entries as an anime opening, but its still nice enough to portray that "magical high school" feel, with moments of intensity and light hearted jumps in between the song. The ending theme is "Hallelujah" by La La Larks, which is your typical cute-sy anime ending theme to almost every low key magical high school harem. Nothing special here, moving on.

Rating: 7.0/10

"Sky Wizards Academy" manages to hit almost every cliche in the harem/high school/super powered kids genre, which is pretty predictable at times. There's your young girls being barged in upon while changing, your bunny girl/maid costume cosplay, girls waking up in front of the protagonist name it, the show has it. It doesn't really do or try anything new that deserves some sort of compliment. Along with a rather moody and simplistic protagonist, the character cast is full of staples and stereotypes that you've probably seen or known from other similar harems. Still, if you enjoy such characters, then there's no reason to refuse the characters in "Sky Wizards Academy", because other than the rather borish setting and story, character interaction and building can be quite entertaining. Fan service is rather mild, and the "cute girls trying to fight their hardest" thing is pretty heavily emphasized in this one. Action is pretty decent, though somewhat non-existent towards its final, more lazily executed episodes. The show does everything decently, but nothing too well...

Every harem protagonist, right here.

Kanata Age is one of the many students in the floating academy city of "Mistlogen", one of the many floating fortresses in the world that serves as one of the pillars of hope against the bane of humanity...the dreaded....(wait for it)...devil beetles. Yes, devil, f**king, beetles. Anyway, humans are split between the regular people and the wizards, individuals who can manipulate magic and energy in the air to wield powerful weapons, fly, and of course, fight devil beetles. Age is one of them, and because of a certain incident in the past, he is known as the traitor. He is despised by many and has a bad name in school, despite once belonging to one of the best teams in the school. He hasn't gotten any weaker, but they still try to get on his bad size, which he ignores easily. He is charged with being the instructor of the infamous, weakest middle school team in "Mistlogen", which consists of 3, young female wizard misfits. After running into all 3 of these girls in an indecent situation in the morning, they now recognize him as a traitor AND a pervert. Not a great way to start a new job...

"Sky Wizards Academy" isn't horrendous, so it'll probably still have its own following. However, I'm highly positive that we won't be getting much more of "Sky Wizards Academy" unless it does extremely well, which I'm sure is going to be hard, with how tough the competition is in a rather saturated genre.