Opening Songs
OP 1 - Cry For The Truth (Mich)
OP 2 - Black Swallowtail (UROBOROS)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Secret Sky (Mich)

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Episodes: 12

Another sleeper hit of the year, nobody really saw this one coming. "Rokka No Yuusha" was a show that kinda appeared out of nowhere and took the anime community by storm. Sure, it may not be the most well known thing ever, but during the season where it aired, it sure caused a lot of commotion. It was one of the few LN adaptations that actually wasn't shitty or just straight out generic, "Rokka No Yuusha" was actually something that most people DID enjoy. Although  I only watch COMPLETED shows, "Rokka No Yuusha" was just one of those shows that I could watch in a single sitting, because the ending of every episode just left me on the edge of my seat, and I wanted to know what the flying f**k was going to happen next. I can say that without a doubt, not many shows can still manage to do that so a seasoned otaku like myself, its been awhile since I felt like that. The show itself is no slouch, it accomplishes most of what it needs to do with flying colors. "Rokka No Yuusha" is great, there's no doubt about it.

Flemmie is best girl. I mean, what were you expecting?

The opening theme is "Cry For The Truth" by Mich, and it was good, though we only got it for the first 4 episodes. It gave off a sense of adventure of tension, like most good action anime openings. However, the second opening theme, "Black Swallowtail" by UROBOROS, was a cut above. Due to the shifting tones in the show, this one fit better as the opening theme to an "Action/DramaMystery" show, instead of one that's about plain ol' adventuring. The ending theme is "Secret Sky" by Mich. Unfortunately, its nothing much but a simple, mediocre, slow, ending theme.

Rating: 8.0/10

Being a semi-action/adventure drama hybrid, "Rokka No Yuusha" actually spends a lot of time into solving the mystery that is presented on hand. Surprisingly, for an action oriented marketed show, it works, very, very well. The overall premise of the anime is very, very interesting, and its very easy to get absorbed into its intricate story telling as early as the "mystery" is introduced. Even though characters are just introduced, they are quickly made relevant and you'll start to like most of them as they begin contributing their 2 cents into the mystery. In a sense, despite these new characters showing up rather quickly (and honestly, kind of out of nowhere), interaction between them is extremely well done, and even the non-action scenes are a pleasure to watch. There can be entire episodes spent on talking and discussion, but it doesn't detract from the tension, not one bit. Speaking of the action, while it IS well done, its not the selling point of the show, its the story telling and mystery, as mentioned above. It's honestly been awhile since a show kept me in so much suspense, despite watching through it in a single sitting. 

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Adlett Mayer is just some delusional guy that claims himself to be the strongest man in the world. In a world where every few hundred years, 6 heroes are chosen to battle against the demon lord who will keep coming back to life, your chances of being chosen as one of the 6 are slim to none unless you are ridiculously strong. Having his childhood ruined by fiends, Adlett's dream is to become strong enough to be chosen as one of the 6 heroes to fight against the demon lord. He storms a kingdom's tournament and beats their 2 strongest warriors...while also being arrested for intruding on a sacred ceremony. However, he caught the attention of Nachetanya, the 18 year old princess of the kingdom, and also the current sage of the blades, one of the strongest in the world. After training in his prison cell for god knows how long, the selection of the 6 heroes began, and Adlett was chosen as one of the 6. He is busted out by princess Nachetanya, who also happened to be one of the 6 heroes, and the 2 left for the demon lord, trying to meet with the other 4 heroes along the way. Little did they know though, that they were in for an adventure...that they would never expect.

"Rokka No Yuusha" is certainly a show worth your time if you've got the SLIGHTEST bit of interest in action and/or mystery. There's a lot to like here, ranging from the characters to the story telling, its an incredibly polished show with a lot to offer. Definitely awaiting a 2nd season after that ending, don't leave me hanging.