Friday, 19 February 2016

Top 5 Badass Villains (Anime) 19/2/2016

Spoilers for the following anime:

Assassination Classroom
The Idolm@ster Cinderlla Girls 
Akatsuki No Youna 
Cross Ange 

She doesn't use guns, but you get the picture.

5. Executive Director Mishiro
From: The Idolm@ster: Cinderlla Girls

It's been awhile since our last villain post, but we'll start today's post with Executive Director Mishiro, something..someone that breaks the "Idolm@ster" tradition.

The "Idolm@ster" franchise never truly had anything that represents itself as a villain...ever. Sure, there were rivals, and yeah, president Kuro was kind of a dick in the original "Idolm@ster" anime, but he had too little screen time to be truly called a "villain" in any sense. Executive director Mishiro here isn't a proper "villain" as well...but hot damn is she one hell of a f**king BITCH! So much so that you just want to slap her upside down.

Director Mishiro believes that for 346 production to truly shine, she wants to reform the entire freaking company, and she intends to do so 100%, fully. All of the idols in the company were to also go through that change, and she believes that the best way for the idols to truly shine in the spotlight, is to let her dissolve their current projects and all take part in projects made specifically by her. She intends to destroy bonds and relationships that make the current idols what they are-even going as far as to destroying their characters to rebrand them as a whole. From a company standpoint, she's doing what she believes is best, but its cruel and unrespectful towards the idols and it makes her look like a freaking bitch.

He's not to f**k around with.

4. Gotou
From: Parasyte - The Maxim-

Next up on our list today is Gotou from "Parasyte", the godly parasite alien bastard who just doesn't effin die.

Gotou is one badass old man. This guy is so buff that he has 8 freaking pacs. Anyway, Gotou takes on the identity of the man who houses multiple parasites within him. He first comes off as a goofy, possessed fella by the name of Miki, who didn't seem like he'd be a treat at all, but when he truly shows his colors when he's backed into a corner, there was nothing the parasite extermination squad could do.

This guy excels on a level of badassery, in a show where simple gunshots can kill someone, this guy simply deflects/absorbs the bullets that are impaled into his body. He can survive explosions, he can take on multiple squads of special armed forces MEANT to defeat the parasites by himself. With multiple parasites inside him, Gotou is the mastermind that binds and commands all of them together. By bending these different parasites all under one mind, the single entity known as Gotou is simply a nasty and horrifying being to face. Its unfortunate that he got so easily put down by Shinichi towards the end, but that's what plot armor on the protagonist is for.

Eh, he'll kill your daddy too if he has to.

3. Su Won
From: Akatsuki No Yona

3rd on our list today is Su Won from "Akatsuki No Yona", who probably doesn't seem like much on first class, but let's be honest, we all hate this asshole.

Su Won might seem like the typical firewood to fuel a simple and straightforward story of revenge...but he's more than that. Su Won, being the cousin and first love interest for innocent little Yona, is a backstabbing, cunning son of a bitch that deserves to die 10 times over. Over the course of the 24 episode anime, he probably appears for less than 3-4 full episodes, and I already hate him this much, this shows how much of an ass Su Won can be.

For one, Su Won first kills Yona's father, the renowned "kind king", in order to take over as king himself. Then he tried to kill Yona to further solidify his ownership to the throne, but of course, that was all thwarted when Hak saved the day. However, he still managed to get a stranglehold on the throne and managed his position as King of the kingdom. For that, he pretty much betrayed the trust of Hak and played with the feelings of Yona, who pretty much changed into a fearsome woman after what happened to her. Even so, when she eventually runs into Su Won later into the story, her feelings for him still linger, so she cannot do anything to him, and this guy simply brushes her away. The worst kind of reaction to the ex-princess who lost everything to him, Su-Won simply leaves Yona to dry. Hopefully, in an eventual second season, we see Hak or maybe even Yona kill him.

The most fabulous ones are always the most f**ked up.

2. Embryo
From: Cross Ange

Taking 2nd place today is another asshole that people will remember for quite awhile, of course, its Embryo from "Cross Ange".

While certainly not as cunning as Su Won, Embryo is on another level when it comes to being an asshole pimp bastard. Embryo, being the magical creator of the world, has re-written man kind and its ally races so many times that he has grown rather bored of it. With the world where discrimination against the nora exists so heavily, Embryo made it that way as part of his formula, and insists that it is a complete necessity to truly make the human race perfect. Then, he discovered Ange.

Being his "ideal love interest", Embryo looks at Ange in an absolutely disgusting manner. While he simply just wants him for his wife on paper, its just so wrong for him to say that simply because he is the almighty god that forsees the world. Sure, he managed to woo and manipulate the feelings of many women to get them to his side (he practically has a harem that he can choose to play around with and have sex with at will), because of that, he thinks that he can just magically poof Ange over to his side as well. Of course, he tries many methods to bring her over...including breaking her mind and giving her mental, sexual torture, but they all fail, thankfully. In the end it all boils down to him being a spoiled, grown ass man who just can't stand not having what he wants, but his methods make him a complete bastard.

He's a man who loves his dolls.

1. Asano Gakuho
From: Assassination Classroom

Number 1 on today's list is Asano Gakuho, the manipulative and downright scumbag of a principal. He's even voiced by Sho Hayami, for f**k's sake.

This guy, this f**king guy. I actually thought Takaoka, while a completely hate-able character, didn't stand a chance against this guy when it comes to sheer villainous tyranny. While others plot to destroy the world or cheat their way to the top, Gakuho doesn't think of any of them. In fact, he's already at the top, and he's aiming for an elitist run for his school, seeing as he's the principal, he'll do anything to have the exam results of his students to always be at the top. For that to happen though, he needs to keep a certain class in check.

The way Gakuho THINKS is as such: sacrifice the weak to maintain the strong. His method for maintaining such a tight grip on making his students the best is simple, he makes sure one class is at the VERY bottom of the standings, and makes that class the example for the rest of the students to NOT fall to. Its made in such a way that this sacrificial class, the E class, is so ridiculously horrible that their results are insanely bad, and that they are even isolated from the proper school. They are the laughing stock of the entire student body, and they are constantly ridiculed to no end. All so that the other students would study hard, and always think that they don't want to end up in class E. Honestly, that's just a dick move.