Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Girl And Her Ghosts (Re-Kan review)

Opening Songs
OP 1 - Colorful Story (every♥ing)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Kesaran Pasaran (every♥ing)

Genre: Comedy, Supernatural

Episodes: 13

"Re-Kan!", probably not something that many people heard of. I can relate to that, its not a very high key release and from the looks of it, its just another high school slice of life show with a bunch of girls hanging around and having fun. You wouldn't be wrong, though "Re-Kan!"'s special selling point is that it mixes ghosts into its semi-colorful cast of characters. In a way, its trying to be special with that, but in my opinion, it doesn't really DO that much. It would have been just as entertaining if the ghosts in this show were just normal human beings, but I guess it doesn't matter all that much. The show is pretty entertaining, but I'd put it in the middle tier if anything, since it isn't really something that you'd wholeheartedly recommend or think of watching again in the foreseeable future. Its one of those shows you watch if you've got nothing to do to get a smile or chuckle out of yourself. "Re-Kan!" is a serviceable comedy/high school/slice of life show that plays it safe and is easy to like, but in that sense, it isn't very memorable.

Ero-cat is best cat.

Both themes used in the show are sang by every♥ing, a fictional group consisting of the seiyuus of the girls in the show. The opening theme is "Colorful Story", which is a simple happy-go-lucky song that pretty much sets the theme of the show. The ending theme is "Keseran Pasaran", which acts more like a cute-sy dance theme, which works as an ending song. I like it better.

Rating: 7.0/10

If I had to describe "Re-Kan!", I'd say that its "okay". Its decent in almost every aspect but if you told me to comment on something amazing on it, I probably wouldn't be able to. Its consistent in the way that its okay, there are some moments that are better than others, but not by much. Almost every episode has Hibiki dealing with the matters of some ghosts that'll eventually become part of the main cast, which grows quite steadily as the show progresses. Her friends then usually become acquianted with the ghosts that they cannot see all so quickly, and then they go along with their everyday lives. Character variety isn't fantastic, most of them are pretty much bland stereotypes that you've seen before, but at least they pull it off decently well. I enjoy the animation style, though there are times where it isn't consistent. The comedy is average, but when it comes to a school life anime, it probably has every damned, cliche event that's usually present in other similar shows (Cultural festival, summer swimsuit episodes, you name it), so that's kind of a plus.

Welcome to the ghost party!

Amami Hibiki is a regular high school girl who can see ghosts. Wee, surprise! Upon her enrollment into high school, she's afraid that her special talent/nature will make all the other students in school avoid her, like the way she's always been in previous schools. Because she's always managed to be able to see and talk with ghosts, she always wanted to help them, but to others, she's pretty much just a silly delusional high school girl. On her first day to school, she once again, is pestered by ghosts, and is picked up upon by another fellow freshman, by the name of Narumi. Narumi quickly becomes annoyed with Hibiki's special ability, but continues to follow her around. To Hibiki's surprise, her new friends quickly grew accustomed to her seeing the ghosts, and she quickly became the center of attention. Despite having human friends now though, she continuously helps around with ghosts, which is now a lot more fun and encouraging with new friends trying to help her out too.

"Re-Kan!" is a simple show that'll satisfy you if you intend to run through it for the sake of fun, that's pretty much all that it is. Its a very easy show to digest that doesn't offer too much outside of what its supposed to, without anything too special about it as well. Maybe on Halloween you want to watch something simple that isn't scary, this would be it.