Opening Songs
OP 1 - Hello, World! (Bump Of Chicken)

Ending Songs 
ED 1 - Sugar Song to Bitter Step (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, Science Fiction

Episodes: 12

Honestly, this one caught me off guard. "Blood Blockade Battlefront", or "Kekkai Sensen" is a show that I definitely did not expect in 2015. In a year that's already showering in masterpieces and awesome shows, we get another one in "Blood Blockade Battlefront". I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I watched this one, but the first episode had me hooked onto its amazing art style and brilliant animation in its action scenes. The show looks downright BEAUTIFUL, one of the most well animated shows of the year, and most possibly in a long time. EASILY, I could very easily recommend this one based on how well its animated and how beautiful it looks alone. As for similarities...there isn't quite something like "Blood Blockade Battlefront", you just have to watch it yourself to find out. It reminds me A LITTLE bit of "Baccano", but the themes for the 2 shows aren't even close. "Blood Blockade Battlefront" is one of the most well received shows of 2015 for a reason.

Welcome to Libra, the home of all ass kicking badasses.

Probably sporting some of the best themes of the year, "Blood Blockade Battlefront" is rocking out on all fronts. The opening theme is "Hello, World!" by Bump Of Chicken. Freaking, Bump Of Chicken, I haven't heard from these guys in YEARS, and they bust out something THIS badass?! "Hello, World!" isn't heavy, it isn't a fast song, yet its so...intellectual and catchy. The light jazz only serves to amp up its badass factor. The winner however, is the ending theme, "Sugar Song to Bitter Step" by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN. If we're talking catchy, this song here takes the cake, hands down. Its very jazzy with amazing vocals and an incredibly catchy tune, I just can't help but bop my head to it every time it plays.

Rating: 8.0/10

Despite how much I'd like to praise this show to the heavens and make love with it....its still NOT something that I would recommend to everyone. Yes, "Blood Blockade Battlefront" is a great show that excels on many fronts, but it has some flaws. For one, the show, while having great battle scenes as its strongest point, doesn't rely on it a lot at all, and some of the episodes rely on its humor to carry the episodes through. Don't get me wrong the show IS DAMNED FUNNY at its best, but it feels so incredibly wasted at those times. Plus, the story is pretty much all over the place. Not much is explained and you're thrown into the heat of things right off the bat with the show expecting you to know what's what and who's who. Also, there isn't much progression in the story, it pretty much feels like a bunch of small random arcs thrown together to make it a complete show, with a little bit of an indecisive closure towards the end. However, when all is said and done the show is incredibly fun to watch, and looks amazing to boot, with great characters, art direction and animation.

Tell me you didn't think this was awesome.

Leonardo Watch is just an average photographing loving young man who visited New York City with his family. He is very close with his sister Michella, and often takes pictures of her. However, the gate to the underworld opened and an otherworldly omnipresent being presented itself before Leonardo with...less than good intentions. Michella opted for the being to "take from her" instead of harming her brother, and with that, Michella's sight was stolen, and Leonardo was given the all seeing eyes of God as a supernatural ability. Fast forward 3 years, now New York City, known as Hellsalem's Lot, is a living ground for humans and otherworldly creatures alike. They learn to coexist with one another, and here's Leo, working as a photographer hoping to look for a way to cure his sister. He meets up with the people of Libra, a group of all-powerful powerhouses that serve as the "crime watch" of Hellsalem's Lot, hoping that they can help him in any way. He is accepted almost immediately because of his power, and right off the bat, he is thrown into the fray. So begins his new life at Libra as an almost ordinary boy among some of the strongest people in the world.

"Blood Blockade Battlefront" is strictly a show that you watch for fun, in that sense, the show is pretty f**king amazing. If you try to nitpick and watch the show too seriously, trying to look for an amazing storytelling experience, you won't go far, in fact, you'll get lost really easily. Its still one of my favorite shows of the year, and I can see why people like it.