Opening Songs
OP 1 - Good Feeling Win-Win Unconditional (Heart Invader)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Love Is Milk Tea (Petit Milady)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Supernatrual

Episodes: 12

Another day, another slapstick harem. "Invaders Of Rokujyouma" (I'm going to be short forming it to simply "Invaders" for this review) could easily have been a disaster for another super cliche harem that ends up going nowhere (well, honestly, it still ends up going nowhere), but because of its super ridiculous nature and over the top character setting, it manages to somewhat save itself from being a total snooze fest. "Invaders" throws some incredibly random, over the top, supernatural cliches from modern day animes into one massive orgy of comedy, school life, and just overall nonsense. Its over the top nature makes it enjoyable to watch, while there are many things that could have been further amplified into crazy proportions (I mean, the damn show is crazy as it is, just make it even crazier), its good enough as it is to make for a passing laugh. It may not be the most revolutionary thing ever, but it works, it isn't horrible, and its pretty funny. That's good enough for me.

Here we go, an underground superhuman, a ghost, a magical girl, and an alien.
What could possibly go wrong?

The opening song is "Good Feeling Win-Win Unconditional" by Heart Invader. You'll be glad to know that this is a pretty uninspiring, generic, happy go lucky song that you find all the time in harems. Its not particularly very catchy, and I didn't really listen to it more than I needed to (which was my first time), so there you go. The ending theme as well, with something called "Love Is Milk Tea" (by Petit Milady), you know its going to try and sound cute. Well, it is, but its also not something you can listen to too much...its a little repetitive.

Rating: 7.5/10

I could easily see this scoring higher on my list if the animation was a little bit more well done, but oh well. "Invaders", as another slapstick/slice of life/comedy/harem/romance another, does a few things right. One, if its a harem, you must have some good girls in there. The girls in "Invaders" are incredibly varied, interesting individuals of very different backgrounds. You have an underground living superhuman, a ghost, a magical girl, aliens, and some normal human girls (with not much interesting feats to them) to boot. Plus, they all have their own diverse personalities, though granted, most of them can be cliche (Tsundere loli? Dominant, big boobs girl? Well, we've all seen that before). Two, all girls have their own individual arcs and (almost) equal screen time. Our to be attachment to these girls are also quite well done, as most of them are equally developed. Three, it gets its comedy right. Sometimes, it can be even downright hilarious. Its easily the most redeemable factor of "Invaders". All of these combined makes the mediocre visuals and animations seem to not mind TOO much.

Holy sh*t calm the f**k down! Do we have to?!

Satomi Koutarou is your everyday money saving, lazy ass main character that just wants to live a happy high school life. He had his dad find him an incredibly cheap apartment, and he immediately moves in. However, upon moving in, day one of him living in his comfy new home, he finds out that his room is possessed by a ghost named Sanae, who says that she has been in this room ever since she could remember. Then, a magical girl calling herself Yurika comes in, saying that dark energies roam inside this room, and other evil magical girls will come and claim that magic for themselves. THEN, a girl dressed as a shrine maiden, called Kiriha, shows up from underneath the apartment. She claims to be part of a superhuman race of invader humans that live under the ground, and that she wants the room as her HQ for her invading army. THEN, a little loli brat who calles herself Theia, and her servant Ruth, appear from a portal in a wall. The girl then introduces herself as the princess of a faraway galaxy kingdom, and that this is a strategic spot for her trying to gain the favor of the people of earth. Poor Koutarou only wanted a cheap room....

"Invaders" has an undeniable charm to it despite its mediocre-ish animation and visuals. The varied, insane characters only serve as a catalyst to make the comedy seem better. While there could have easily been more to elaborate on this wildly diverse cast, alas, everything has to end. "Invaders" has the ingredients for success, but is in the end overcome by its shallow harem tropes. At least its a fun ride throughout.