Opening Songs
OP 1 - YES!! (Ayaka Ohashi)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Piti Pati Sabaibaado (Gesukawa Girls)

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 12

How much do you enjoy girls doing nothing but screw around all day? Well, depending on your answer, you will find out very quickly whether or not "Sabagebu" is your thing, because it is precisely THAT king of show. Think among the lines of "Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu", but less serious, more light hearted, and in all honestly, a lot more fun. "Sabagebu" brings out the wild in its honestly pretty nifty cast of female characters, doing all sorts of nonsense involving air soft, BB guns, and imaginary military warfare. There's really not much of a proper target audience here, if you like the really soft core/slap stick/pointless but good comedy routine, you can pretty easily get into "Sabagebu" even if you don't really care about guns (look at me, do I look like a guns or FPS kind of guy?). As with all shows that share the similar theme, just go in understanding that you won't get much out of it other than some dumb, good fun.

Oh yeah. I mean, its totally normal to go shoot stuff in your bikinis. 

The opening song is "YES!!" by Ayaka Ohashi, the seiyuu of Momoka, the main heroine of the show. Well, its to be expected that an anime like "Sabagebu" has an incredibly energetic opening theme song, which, to no surprise, works very well. I'm not too big of a fan of these kinds of songs (unless they turn out to be really catchy). "YES!!" is fine, but not to that extent of greatness. The ending theme is generic, cutesy pop stuff that attempts to be catchy but doesn't really amount to much. Its "Piti Pati Sabaibaado" by Gesukawa Girls, which is probably something you've heard before if you've watched tons of similar shows.

Rating: 7.5/10

Its good fun, that much I can assure you. Since there isn't much story involved in the first place and most of the episodes are split into multi-part short stories, there's not really a lot to engross yourself in. BUT, in terms of stupid scenarios, ridiculous jokes, outrageous character interactions and insanely quirky dialogue, "Sabagebu" scores pretty well. There's a lot to keep you laughing and interested. While the main character cast is pretty normal and is somewhat filled with some minor character stereotypes, things can get very enjoyable with the way they interact with one another. Comedic value is over the top, the gun fight scenes are blown WAY out of proportion. But because they are done in such a ridiculous way, these are really fun to watch, especially how blood splatters everywhere even though are only shot with small BB pellets. Momoka is also a totally likable protagonist, though everyone else is too, to some extent. Its just a pity that some of the more funny and over the top characters don't get as much screen time (Karaage Lemon, Momoka's mother and Sakura sensei are all over the top ridiculous, but don't get enough show).

Typical rich ojou-samas, solving everything with money.

Momoka is another regular high school girl with some sort of a hidden temper. She just wants to go to her new high school and earn friends, recognition so on and so forth. Everything was going well, until she went looking for a club. She found the survival game club, which as you can guess, plays survival games. After trying out for a practice shoot, Momoka was scouted by their president Miou, and demanded that she join the club. Momoka refused at first, but Miou kept bugging her, following Momoka around the school. Turns out the Miou is a popular head figure, almost worshiped by the student body, and her hanging around Momoka gave Momoka a bad reputation as the new kid who hogs Miou-sama. Momoka became the subject to a few bullying cases, until Miou gave her a hand, which opened her up in a new light. After deciding to trust Miou, Momoka eats a piece of bread the Miou had prepared for her. Turns out the bread was drugged, and when Momoka awoke, she already joined the survival game club, when they used her to sign the club entry form under HER name.

"Sabagebu" doesn't really accomplish anything during the entire series other than giving us some ridiculously fun to watch run and gun scenarios. There's a lot you can laugh and have fun with here, but in the end, that's all there is to "Sabagebu". Still, its a hell lot of fun, one that I did not regret partaking in.