M is best!
"D-Frag!"! An awesome comedy anime that came out in 2014 that's all about....doing stupid stuff, like in most anime of the same genre. There are plenty of likable characters in this anime, and all of them are ridiculous one way or another. There's is only one way to pick a favorite in an anime that's all about retarded people, pick the one that is the most retarded. That is what I did, and that's how Ataru came out on top. Admit it, no one is more ridiculous in "D-Frag!" than this bespectacled, blond masochistic vice president.

Ataru is one of Kenji's childhood friend, and for some reason he hasn't fallen off the beaten path like his other friends have. He strives to dethrone the current queen of the student council, Chitose, whom is also the girl that he openly admires. Lusts for, in fact. The man is a master masochist, doing everything in his way to get looked down on by the current reigning student council president. His current goal is to become student council president, but who knows how much of that is true. For all we know he just wants to make Chitose beat on him everyday.

He has plenty of awesome moments, such as his magnificent entrance to the series, where he cross chops Kenji out of nowhere in an incredibly dynamic manner, then asks him if he is alright (dude, you f**king cross chopped him in the FACE). Trying to catch Chitose's spit with his mouth, or even his so called epic moment, when he acts as a shield for Chitose, eating all of Tama's attacks head on like a true M-master. He even envies Takao being tied up, giving her an epic thumbs up. Man if I were to go to a japanese high school, this would totally be what I strive to aim for.

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun


There can only be one. What? I'm serious. Kashima is the best girl of "Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun". Yes, I said best girl. You thought it was a cross dressing guy? Sorry, 100% female here, and yes, I know, she is one fabulous girl. There are so many reasons why Kashima is probably the most hilarious character in "Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun". Hell, she's probably also the character I wanted to see more of the most, and I was practically BEGGING for her to get more screen time. A handsome girl that all the other girls want to swoon over? Yes please.

I might be giving her the title of my favorite character, but really, I think that she's best with Hori Senpai around. Together, they are an unstoppable comedic duel that are funny enough to even challenge the heavens. Being the face of the theater club, she obviously gets all the lead roles, but since she's too busy trying to flirt with the people of her own gender, Hori always has to come kick her ass, which is hilarious to watch. Of course, Kashima acting cool while being dragged away is also pretty darn fantastic.

Her feats? I don't really have to say much, her personality and character by themselves already make me love her so damn much. How she always misunderstands situations or tries her damn hardest to make others love/hate her is just fantastic. Hori and her should just be a couple already, I mean, they can just spend the rest of their lives being comedians. Kashima, of course, being a very handsome one.

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Series

A pseudo evil Illya that tries to kill stuff? Sold.

I could give the slot to her just for her freaking lesbian kissing scene with Miyu that was...surprisingly arousing. I mean, WTF, I do like me some lolis but that was just freaking pushing it! Might as well be soft core hentai at that rate. Anyway, with Illya being the typical hero magical girl and Miyu being the soft spoken girl that just keeps quiet most of the time with the occasional comment, Chloe's addition to the cast was quite solid. The series really needed a cheerful, naughty, tsundere/mischievous hybrid girl like Chloe. She came along, and well, I liked it a lot.

Chloe didn't start off as a cute, happy go lucky little girl that just wanted to have fun. She started off quite as a bitch, honestly. Wanting to kill Illya for the sake of being original (then there's the seal away bull crap, but that wasn't really Illya's fault), blah blah blah...that was just plain stupid, but it still served as good character development. Chloe though, was too slippery for her own good, often slipping out of bindings that were meant to restrict or hold her down with ease. Then she would go around kissing people...under the guise that she was just collecting mana. Right.,...She even tried to pucker up to Shiro, but too bad he isn't into lolis (or is he?).

What made me like Chloe though, was the part AFTER she made amends with Illya and everyone else. She became a strong character, being the "playful little sister" that looks after her friends. She still tries to seduce Shiro from time to time, but it gets harder with Illya around. And the kissing thing, yeah, its still going on. She's also pretty badass, being probably the strongest of the good guys right now. I mean, if you can pull off the moves that archer does, then you're bound to be quite the boss.