Opening Songs
OP 1 - Trigger (Yuki Ozaki)

Ending Songs

ED 1 - Dare Ka, umi o (Aimer)

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Episodes: 11

Explosions. Bombs. Terrorism. When you walk into "Zankyou No Terror", you should very well expect these things. Being an anime about terrorism, I didn't actually know what to expect (despite watching anime for so long, I haven't actually seen one that's completely devoted to terrorism)...which was good, especially when concerning this particular title. "Zankyou No Terror" hits hard, hits fast, and the action never f**king stops. Throughout the entire anime, the tension is sky high, the characters are great, the visuals are gorgeous, and the incredibly smart writing never lets up. There's tons of intrigue, mystery and action to keep you interested for the whole ride. Even if you know nothing about terrorism (or have no knowledge about how an anime with terrorism feels like), this is one that you have to try for yourself to figure out. Oh yeah, Shinichiro Watanabe's involved in this, just so you know.

Lisa is super adorable, isn't she?

The opening theme is "Trigger" by Yuki Ozaki. Its actually a fairly mild, simple and chill song for an anime that's so hard on about terrorism. Not that I can complain, actually, because the song is pretty damn good. It gives off a feeling of peacefulness and serenity, which is pretty ironic when in contrast with the overall theme of the anime. Sounds a lot like a Galileo Galilei song, actually. The ending theme is "Dare Ka, umi o" by Aimer. This one is kind of slow. Strong, but slow. Still not my cup of tea, didn't really enjoy it too much.

Rating: 8.0/10

The show is beautiful, I'd give it that. The entire visual style itself is f**king beautiful. The characters, the environments, everything! Even the god damn explosions look fantastic, though that much is a given, if your explosions look like shit, you shouldn't even be making a show about bombs. "Zankyou No Terror" has almost everything right, ranging from its brilliant story telling to its amazing writing, especially when it comes to the riddles. The story telling is great, but the story itself is up to individual preference. While many loved it, I thought it was okay at best (Nine's and Twelve's backstories were honestly rather disappointing), there was too much that they wrapped up too easily. The characters were also pretty great for the most part, though Lisa's part was honestly rather insignificant (I guess she was there because they needed a girl, or they wanted a love interest for somebody).

Hey! Those are exactly what I was looking for in a girl too!

The story stars 2 enigmatic young men who call themselves Nine and Twelve. The anime starts with them enrolling into a local school in Tokyo, calling themselves Arata and Toji. On their very first day of school, they witness a girl being bullied, Twelve decides to help her out. The girl introduces herself as Lisa, and that's all she wrote. Not long after, Nine and Twelve disguise themselves with masks and posts a video on the internet under the alias "Sphinx", predicting that Tokyo would be under a terrorist attack. They also provided a riddle about the bomb, but no one paid them any heed. I mean, who the hell would give a flying f**k about a pair of pranksters trying to scare the world? Of course, a bombing DID take place, placing Tokyo in a state of terror. The bombs were set up by none other than Nine and Twelve. Lisa happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and found out about the pair's secret. Fearing for her life, she now works under them as their apprentice, to assist in their future attacks.

"Zankyou No Terror" is a great title that almost anyone can just jump into. There's quite a lot to like here despite being short, clocking in at only 11 episodes. Its a complete experience, and while the ending may not work for everyone, its still a worthwhile adventure to partake in from start to finish.