Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Great Game OSTs (Part 2)

Fighting Game Music

Song: Black And White (Ragna Vs Hakumen theme)
From: Blazblue:Chrono Phantasma
Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari

More "Blazblue" songs, because by god are they f**king amazing. "Black And White" has got to be my favorite song in the entire freaking game, not only because it sounds stupidly epic. It's a song with meaning, its not without reason. While the badass guitar rifts and powerful drums roar through the entire song, making you feel like a freaking beast, it also tells a story. Like how the guitars and drums symbolizes Ragna, while the air of nobility symbolizes Hakumen. From start to finish, this is just an amazing piece, and I almost always pick this as my default song when playing against someone else.


Song: Heartful Cry -In Mayonaka Arena- (Aigis's Theme)
From: Persona 4:Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena
Artist: Shoji Meguro

While "Persona" songs mostly fit well for their RPG esque feel, it seems like it can be used pretty masterfully in a fighting game too. "Persona 4:Arena" is filled with kickass themes, and nothing beats the best one of them all, which is, in my opinion, Aigis's theme. "Heartful Cry" was a pretty sweet theme for Aigis back in "Persona 3:Fes", but somehow, they Shoji Meguro, being the beast that he is, amped it up so much more that it became a theme for a freaking fighting game....and a f**king badass one at that! The remixed version of "Heartful Cry" is perfect for a fighting game, its fast paced, it rocks hard, and it still contains a lot of Aigis's emotion.


Name: Electric Fountain (Stage Theme)
From: Tekken 6
Artist: Masaharu Iwata, Hitoshi Sakimoto

While I do like the "Tekken" games to some degree, I still prefer my 2D fighters. It doesn't mean though, that "Tekken" doesn't have awesome music. ....Just listen to this piece...it may not be the most epic thing ever, but it certainly spells hype. Every time I go on this, I just start bopping my head for no apparent reason, because its just so freaking catchy! I bet you that if you go driving with this music turned on, you'll find yourself speeding over 200 KM/H. I find that this would fit for a faster paced game though, because "Tekken" might not be the best game for these kind of music.


RPG Music

Name: Long Dream
From: The World Ends With You
Artist: Takeharu Ishimoto

"The World Ends With You" has some of the hippest music ever used in an RPG, other than the "Persona" series. The songs were full of style, substance, and the vocals just made everything all the more addictive to listen to. "Long Dream" was perhaps one of the most memorable pieces in the game, being the very first battle theme that you'll listen to. It just gave you that feel of kicking ass, with the noise all around you...and with you jamming to this song. Its somewhat lighter than the later battle themes, but it still packed a nice punch.


Name: Life That Runs Through The Battlefield (Miku vocal version)
From: 7th Dragon 2020 II
Artist: SHIKI

I like how SEGA got well known vocaloid music composers to help with the Miku versions of the battle themes...it just makes everything sound so much better. While the battle theme in the original "7th Dragon 2020" was pretty good, "Life That Runs Through The Battlefield" easily blows it out of the water. It gives off a MASSIVE hype boost just right at the start of the fight, and the fast paced beats just made my head bop throughout ANY random encounter. Its a pity that this one only plays for the new dungeons.


Name: Alcyone
From: Atelier Meruru:The Apprentice Of Arland
Artist: Ken Nakagawa

Holy f**king balls. Those were my exact words when I heard "Alcyone". With a game like "Atelier Meruru" and with the entire theme of the game being about a young princess building a kingdom, who would have thought that you would find THIS gem in the game?! "Alcyone" sounds like something out of a "Mana Khemia" game, and that means a LOT. Scratch that, it sounds too badass EVEN for "Mana Khemia"! Its just crazy good guitar rifts and power drum beats all the way, and I really never expected to feel....so fired up after listening to this. Unfortunately, there aren't many bosses where this theme plays. Shame.



Name: Open Fire! (Imca's Theme)
From: Valkyria Chronicles 3
Artist: Hitoshi Sakimoto

I never really liked the music in "Valkyria Chronicles". The songs were either too peaceful, or repetitive. Of course, that was until I heard "Open Fire!", possibly the most hype piece of music that could be found in the damn game. This one only plays when you use Imca's special "Open Fire" ability, and my god it fits so well. Even though its just for a single shot, when this theme plays, you get the feeling to just dominate everything on the field...with style. Of course, Imca lets you do that, because she's a freaking beast, right along with her theme.