Well, today we're back with more fighting game character impressions, this time once again, with "Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax", a fighting game that I'm very much looking forward to, even more so than the likes of "Under Night In Birth EXE:Late" (which looks amazing) and "Guilty Gear:Xrd". As we approach the game's release date (yes, the game has been confirmed for a console release), I would like to state my opinions on the newly revealed fighters since our previous post...most of which are freaking awesome.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Name: Taiga Aisaka
From: Toradora!
Role: Playable Character

Taiga as a playable character is just hype. She may be somewhat of a joke character, but come on, we have the likes of Kirino and Tomoka in this. At least when it comes to fighting, she can kick the ass out of the both of them. Does she really deserve a spot in this though? Well, I do think she deserves the spot more than characters like Tomoka or Kirino (or Asuna, for that fact), but her fighting style isn't really appealing. Sure, she stays true to her character in the anime, but compared to many of the other characters, I wouldn't be too interested in her.

Name: Miyuki Shiba
From: The Irregular At Magic High School
Role: Playable Character

Having watched a little bit of "Mahouka", I think Miyuki is a good choice to add into the game...but Tatsuya deserves it more. Instead, he gets thrown into a support role....wtf. Its not like Kirito, when Asuna was added, Leafa was support, leaving some hope that he might get added into the game...and he was added indeed added in later on. With Tatsuya as support, that just means that we won't get to play as him, which is a shame because he is pretty freaking amazing. At least we get to play with the ice queen, which SHOULD be fun, she seems kind of like of like a zoning type character, with plenty of screen control and low mobility. Not my type of character though.

Name: Himeragi Yukina
From: Strike The Blood
Role: Playable Character

This was one character that I expected. Kojou, no matter how strong he may seem, is just a regular dude with the body of an indestructible vampire. He has no proper fighting skills and all he ever does is stand back and let his familiars fight for him...Himeragi is the one who knows how to do the close ranged combat. Armed with her magic interfering spear, she is sure to go town against most of the characters in the cast, and being a mid ranged rushdown type character, she seems perfect for me. Gotta say though, the one and only super that was shown seemed a little bit "meh" to me. Other than that, she's looks like she's going to be one of my "go-to" characters when the game does eventually come out.

Name: Satomi Rentarou
From: Black Bullet
Role: Playable Character

I, for one, am STOKED about Satomi being in the game. I was really worried that Enju might become playable and Satomi was support (that would have been quite the bummer), but luckily, Sega did the right thing and did things the LOGICAL way. Satomi is prominent in the Tendo martial arts fighting style, and it looks like he'll be doing a lot of tactical fist fighting in this game, true to his character. He also has his handy pistol which fires of varanium bullets, as well as his varanium prosthetic eye, arm and leg, which is REALLY cool in game when he uses it in a super. Since he's primarily rushdown, he's up there in my hype list of characters that I'll be interested in playing.

The revised hype ranking

1st: Misaka Mikoto
2nd: Satomi Rentarou
3rd: Himeragi Yukina
4th: Kirito
5th: Shizuo Heiwajima
6th: Shana
7th: Kuroyukihime (I watched Accel World guys, I do like her a little bit more now)
8th: Miyuki Shiba
9th: Taiga Aisaka
10th: Tomoka Minato
11th: Asuna
12th: Kirino Kousaka