Opening Songs
OP 1 - Sayonara Usotsuki (Mimimeme MIMI)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Rainbow (LEGO BIG MORL)

Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 13

Man say anime adaptations of games are bad. That is purely subjective, because some are good (Persona 4:The Animation, Danganronpa: The Animation are both great), while some are just not up to par with their video game counterparts (Devil Survivor 2:The Animation was just disappointing). This time though, with "Blade And Soul"...things just aren't so pretty!  Shoddy animations, a poor story, bland characters, pathetic fight scenes and just an overall uninteresting world makes "Blade And Soul" quite hard to watch. I'll say this up straight, even if you're a fan of the game itself, "Blade And Soul" may not be worth your time. Without any much redeeming qualities whatsoever, there really isn't anything to indulge yourself with, because it fails to even follow the exact story of the game, making some wishy washy tale of their own! Unless you're in it for the big busty ladies trying to kill stuff, you're better off looking elsewhere.

Yeah! This sexy thing is all this anime has going for it.

The opening song is actually pretty good. "Sayonara Usotsuki" by Mimimeme MIMI is something straight out a fantasy anime, which is exactly what "Blade And Soul" is trying to pull off. It has a nice feel to it, but in the end, that's all it is, an opening song. The ending song is "Rainbow" by LEGO BIG MORL, and while the song itself is decent, the ending animation is just...unappealing. A CG version of Karen doing a fan dance just isn't my kind of thing, lol.

Rating: 6.0/10

You'd just be wasting your time with this one, trust. No matter how much you loved the game, even YOU would question yourself after successfully finishing this show (which would be quite a feat if you ask me). Its not "Queen's Blade" bad, but its still somewhat close. For a show with nothing but big busty ladies wearing stripper worthy outfits, there isn't any fanservice to speak of. The action scenes are either terrible or just too short to be of any good (some Alka vs Hazuki scenes are good, but f**king short), the characters are, so, BORING. Alka is boring beyond hell as a main character, nuff said, she doesn't even develop into anything at all. The story is all over the place...the pacing is just f**ked up. To make things worse, the animation goes from average, to below average, to complete garbage in the final few episodes! Why?! Probably because they were rushing to get the piece of shit out of the about an anticlimactic final battle.

Aaaand Alka wins again...of course.

Main protagonist Alka is boring as boring protagonists get. She's a member of the blade clan trained for assassination...and she's out looking for the woman responsible for the death of her dojo and its master, Gon. Of course, she knows of nothing except for her precious "code", and is out for the head of Jin Valel, the woman responsible for her master's death. In response, Jin's lackeys set out wanted posters of Alka all over the land, as the sole survivor of the Blade clan, she bears the butterfly mark that is easily spotted. Throughout her journey she meets many allies and enemies, the gunner Hazuki, the mysterious inn keeper Elle and the leader of the pleasure gang, Roana. All these women have their fate entangled with one another, but for what reason? 

So that's "Blade And Soul"'s anime adaptation. What can I say? It's nothing worth talking about, in fact, you should try to avoid it, there are LOTS of better anime out there. There's really not much advice I can give you. If you can: don't watch "Blade And Soul".