My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Let's cause some trouble!

"My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" has a lot of good characters, and I honestly love most of them. Everyone has got some swag levels of their own, but to me, everyone gets beat by Haruno, a character that really deserved a lot more screen time. While she may not have appeared a lot, the small amount of appearances that she had made really impacted the course of the anime, and I really like that in a character, whether or not the impact was for better or for worse.

Haruno just isn't serious enough when it boils down to the facts. She knows a lot, and she has ideas of her own to solve many problems, but she just keeps it all to herself. When something is about to go down to shit, she just lets it happen because she wants to be entertained. She doesn't really care, she just...likes to go with the flow, even though the flow might be bad sometimes. In an anime full of rather serious characters, she's a good change of pace.

Of course, being Yukinoshita's sister, she has the beauty factor going for her. She likes to fool around with her sister, and actually manages to startle her here and there, a feat that no other could achieve. She also has this sort of a badass "everything was just a fraud" behavior that she can pull off. With a season 2 coming soon, I think we'll get to see more of what Haruno can do.

Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions


Who else deserves more love than our beloved sleeping beauty? The "Chunibyo" series has its own share of lovely characters, but no one is more cuddly, cute and likable than Kumin, the senpai who loves to nap and not make any sense at all. While the other characters are have their own charm, Kumin's charm is arguably the most adorable thing out there that the series has to offer.

While Kumin plays more of a support role more than anything else, she's still not someone to be trifled with. Since she doesn't really have much thought given to herself, she mindlessly joins in on most of Rikka and Dekomori's antics...though she usually falls asleep halfway through. Because of this, she is one of the more reliable characters that the others can turn to (we see her trying to take on Rikka's role in season 1 when she was had her slump).

Her regular napping habits just make her all the more adorable. She sleeps and sleeps and sleeps...sleep talking at the same time, which so coincidentally happened that she rejected Makoto in her sleep without her knowing. To make things even better, she CAN fight and hold her own in the banishment world, where we see her fighting to the very end in that napping competition.

Minami-Ke Series

Yep, Kana is the best.

"Minami-Ke" is a very laid back series IMO, its one of the best animes to watch when you don't really feel like doing anything. All the characters are pretty chill, some are more ridiculous than others, but everyone just feels like a small piece of a full puzzle. With so many different kinds of characters, its really hard to pick just one...unless its Kana. Being one of the 3 main characters nets her a lot of screen time, and of course, it also helps that she's so freaking full of energy all the time. Hands down, she's my favorite of the 3 sisters, and probably my favorite character in the entire show.

Kana is stupid. She's so stupid that its funny! The 3 sisters have very different personalities that contrast well with one another, with Haruka's big sister spirit, Chiaki's "super smart but lacks common sense" brain, and Kana's overall ridiculousness. She would start random arguments with Chiaki over the smallest thing, like eating her pudding or just asking her a stupid question, and it would end hilariously. Also note how she's like the female version of any main character in any harem...she never notices anything about romance (poor Fujioka).

Despite all this though, Kana is VERY likable. She's so energetic, she fills the Minami household with fun just by her being there! She might as well be the main character, seriously. While the middle school side of characters aren't as entertaining as the high school and elementary school ones, Kana by herself makes up for all of her middle school classmates. Come on, you can't count the amount of times that she has went full retard...she just makes me smile.