Opening Songs
OP 1 - Wan Wan Wan Wan N_1 (Inu Musume Club)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Lemonade Scandal (Yu Serizawa)

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 12

Your everyday regular rom-com animes can be rather boring and stale at times....unless its crazy and unpredictable like "Dog X Scissors".  "Dog X Scissors" might be one of the most ridiculous things that you've ever watched...but that's the beauty of it. You never know what to expect, the main cast is great, there are some pretty funny characters (though some others are just meh) and certain scenarios can be hilarious. Instead of your regular, generic high school kid main character, you've got one hell of a crazy dog instead. Of course, when your main protagonist is a freaking dog with a human brain, things start to change in perspective, and this change in perspective might just be what you need to restore your faith in the generic comedy romance genre!

Behold, the weirdest couple is anime history.

Erm...I'm not sure how to put it in words, but the opening song is "Wan Wan Wan Wan N_1" by Inu Musume Club (ridiculous name, I know). As stupid as it sounds, its actually quite an addicting opening theme, with all the weird ass animal sounds and with all the girls singing so quickly in their super high pitced voices. The ending theme is "Lemonade Scandal" by Yu Serizawa, and while its decently addictive, it loses out to the opening theme.

Rating: 7.5/10

Its good at what it does, and it constantly delivers on that aspect alone. Its funny and ridiculous right from the get go, and it keeps staying that way, even when it tries to be serious, it ends up being hilarious. The scenarios are pretty well written and can easily find success in being funny, though when it comes to everything else, its rather average. The main protagonists are great (seeing the world through the eyes of a dog can be fascinating), but the supporting cast...not so much....other than the masochistic Hiiragi. The story has the potential to be interesting, but instead on focusing on our protagonist's back story, they decide to do different arcs that kind of go nowhere. Not that these arcs are badly written, because at best, they can really make you burst out laughing. The animation is alright, but there are moments where it seems a little bit..."unpolished".

Yeah...don't piss off Natsuno.

Harumi is probably the unluckiest nerd ever. He loves reading, and while his entire family moved to the rural areas to live, he stayed in Tokyo to get the latest book releases. He particularly loves the author Akiyama Shinobu, and is an avid reader of her books. One day however, it was reading that took his life for the worst. He was in a regular cafe when a robbery took place. In the cafe, there was only the master, Harumi himself, and another girl who seemed to be writing vigorously. Failing to comply with the burglar's commands, he tried to shoot the girl, but seeing the girl write with such spirit even when under so much pressure, he jumped and took the shot for her, effectively dieing in the process. Instead of actually dieing however...he does actually wake a dog. Then he gets adopted by the girl from the cafe...who introduces herself as Akiyama Shinobu...a sadist young woman who constantly wields a pair of scissors.

"Dog X Scissors" does end rather abruptly, but there shows shows for a sequel....hopefully. There are a lot of questions left unanswered and a lot of characters that were only briefly introduced. There's room for a more diverse and interesting world in "Dog X Scissors", its only a matter of whether or not they are willing to explore that possibility.