Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pervertic post 7: Whatever that arouses

I'm quite sure I don't need to say anything...

Name: Ikaruga
From: Senran Kagura

"Senran Kagura" has tons of girls with big boobs, but very few make it look sexy, Ikaruga takes the cake for being THE sexiest konoichi that the anime/game has to offer. Many of the girls get stripped during battle after they lose a fight or something, but Ikaruga has the most lewd transformation as far as things go. She is the most covered up girl after a shinobi transformation, and since she gets flustered/embarrassed easily, its only fitting that she goes from a fully clothed katana wielding shinobi to nothing but a girl with alluring black bikini. If I were to pick a single girl from the team, it'd definitely be her.

The most beautiful 40 year old around, because Japan

Name: Esty Dee
From: Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice Of Arland

I'm quite sure I'm in the minority here, since all I see are fanarts of Totori, Meruru and Mimi, but I think that Esty is easily the sexiest out of all the girls in the "Atelier Arland" series. She keeps saying that she's 40, what bullshit. She wants to hide her age, because I'm sure that anyone who looks at her wouldn't think that shes any more than 20. Because of the analogy that the girls in the "Atelier Arland" series can't have big boobs (with the exception of Pamela), I'd say she's plenty sexy, especially in the 3rd game. She's definitely got the most style in terms of dress code, and you'd easily want to look up her dress when she does one of those flashy ninja moves (too bad you won't get to see shit).

Nurse skin = best idea ever. GJ Riot.

Name: Akali
From: League Of Legends

We can talk about them "LoL" sexy bitches all day, but there are a few that nobody else can come even close to topping. Today's sexy league lady is Akali, the big busty Ninja that goes either top or mid. Akali's very existence is sexiness, just look at her. Her default skin is like that of a female ninja, and with the rules that spell "the lesser cloth the better", she is one of the most revealing characters in the game, I'm quite sure just fantasizing works. However, her nurse outfit takes the cake. Nurse Akali? Yes please. You can take care of me any day! Unfortunately, I can't play a half-decent Akali.

Please, keep yourself in check.

Name: Milla Maxwell
From: Tales Of Xillia

I've never played "Tales Of Xillia" yet, but I can easily tell you that Milla is the sexiest girl in the "Tales Of" series, hands down. Be it her outfit or her outfit in "Tales Of Xillia 2", she looks glorious as all f**k. The "Tales Of" series had always needed its own share of big busty women, and while there where girls of that category all around, Milla was the greatest answer that the serious could ever ask for. Having a sexy body with sexy and amazing outfits always makes a guy aroused, Milla takes the cake....and I haven't even played the game yet. You can be sure as hell I'll play as Milla....

A little sister with bust!

Name: Suguha/Lyfa
From: Sword Art Online

You know how everyone who watches "SAO" fanboys over Asuna like she's a goddess? Well, not everyone, but a majority at least. I will fanboy over Suguha/Lyfa any day, because I love me some boobies. "SAO" has its share of good looking girls, but I'll stick to Lyfa, because she has a few things over the other girls. One, she has a nice, curvy body compared to the rest of the other girls. Two, because of Alfheim Online's structure, she has a different avatar from her real world self (Suguha is sexy as well). Three, her outfit as Lyfa is freaking sexy. Yes, judging from pure looks alone, I'd say she dominates the entirety of "SAO" 's female cast.