Opening Songs
OP 1 - Reason why xxx (Sayaka Sasaki)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Plantinum 17 (Yozuca)

Genre: Action, Romance, Supernatural

Episodes:  12 * (Not counting recap episode)

It seems to be a trend within anime that anything that isn't from our world HAS to be sexy. Aliens? "To Love Ru" says hi, aliens from any planet can be sexy girls. Monsters? Many animes have this covered, Himari from "Omamori Himari" is a sexy cat girl, and the fire drake princess from "Maoyu" is quite beautiful as well. What about denizens from the underworld? "Highschool DxD" is the ultimate offender, and now we can add "Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai" (I'll be refering to it as "So, I Can't Play H!") to the mix. Its another one of those heavy fan service animes with nudity, action and cheesy romance. With a theme that concerns the demon world and its respective royal families, its very much like "Highschool DxD", but a little bit different at the same time. There's really not much else to say really, if you're a guy that likes his fair share of ass and titties (or just likes stuff like "Highschool DxD"), "So, I Can't Play H!" fills your needs nicely, and them some.

Lisara or Rias...take your pick guys!

The anime has some pretty good songs overall, especially the opening. "Reason why XXX" by Sayaka Sasaki is a pretty intense and epic song, though it goes along the line of being cheesy. Still, its the very pop-centric songs like these that make my blood boil whenever I listen to them, and I've added "Reason why XXX" to my playlist because of that, it does the job nicely. The ending theme is "Plantinum 17" by Yozuca, which isn't a bad song at all. It's rather upbeat for an ending theme, though it does sound a little generic. A tad better than a slow song, I suppose.

Rating: 8.0/10

I feel like I'm watching "Highschool DxD" again, which is a good thing. Not to be mean or picky when I'm always comparing this to "Highschool DxD", but it just feels so similar. Its based on girls from the underworld, it talks about high ranking families that go against each other for the sake of responsibility. Then we have the incredibly pervy main character that just wants to look at some raw boobies, and gets more powerful the more pervertic he gets. Kind of like Issei, but different. The anime progresses through a single, linear story line that spreads itself through all 12 episodes, which can be considered a good thing, instead of plenty of minor short stories followed by a final story arc at the end. The action is fine but there isn't anything too spectacular out of it, instead the points come from the plot and the romance. The romance segments, while cheesy, do come to a conclusive satisfying end, and I that's something I can relate to.

Stop! Double boob grab!

Kaga Ryousuke is the number one pervert in his school. His perverse levels are over the top, so much that he considers all girls his precious treasures. One day however, on the way back home to school, he notices a red haired girl standing outside his home in the rain. He brings her in, only to find the girl stabbing him in the heart with a broken sword. He awakes, surprised that he is still alive. The girl introduces herself as Lisara Restoll, a grim reaper of high nobility, and she is in Earth to look for the ultimate energy source in a human. In other words, she needs a temporary energy source until she finds her objective, and that energy source is Ryousuke. However they are attacked by a demon, and Lisara soon realizes Ryousuke's special talent. His energy levels skyrockets when he is aroused by his sexual desires. With a hot girl like Risara, this can't mean well for her....

Fan service animes will always have considerable amounts of exposed titties, so there's really not much to hate if you're a guy. If you enjoy these cross universal action/supernatural/romance plots, "So I Can't Play H!" is actually pretty awesome when all is said and done. The progressive plot, good character development and satisfying ending all add up, making it a great anime experience overall. Just make sure you're okay with some nudity.