Opening songs
OP 1 - Reunion (ClariS)

Ending songs
Too many to list*

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 16

Remember "Oreimo" back then. It was an anime about a certain "useless" big brother trying to help out his cute little sister whom he hated.  Slowly as the anime progressed the hate decreased and he came to care about her as a little sister...or so we thought. Here we have season 2, and I'm sure after all that happens in this season, many people will go scratching their heads and complaining about how stupid the ending was. I won't comment too much ABOUT it, but yes, like many of the viewers, I absolutely hated the ending. But for the anime as an overall, it took many steps forward, from just helping out a little sister to become more socially acceptable among her friends, to an anime about romance, love triangles and decisions. The anime has come quite a ways, but the ending just something I'd like to call, "Crossing the line".

There's more, apparently.

Like in the first season, "Oreimo S2" has a different ending for each episode, and most of them are sung by the seiyuus of all the girls in the series, mostly those of Kuroneko and Kirino, so I won't really go too deep about all the different ending songs. The opening song, "Reunion" by ClariS sounds super similar to all the songs that they usually sing, and its a good thing. ClariS songs sound similar to each other, but it works because their songs are usually catchy and have nice tunes to them. "Reunion" is no different, though I'd say "Nexus" is a step higher.

Rating: 8.0/10

For most of the anime, I was considering an 8.5 for "Oreimo S2", because of how much the series has improved in my opinion. It was funnier in most situations, we got development for many old characters, and there are plenty of good new characters to boot. Hell there were even plenty of moments where there were possibilities of romance, but alas, not everything is as good as you think. While there were many steps forward for the series (plot and character wise), the ending was an immense slap to the face (ask anyone who finished season 2), and honestly, I can't help but feel that it was more than inappropriate. There were people who despised the ending, for me, I just didn't like it that much, and it felt like all the character development was for naught...

You know what we're all looking at.

Following the events of the first season, "Oreimo S2" puts us in the shoes of Kousaka Kyouske, the elder brother of his sister, the problem child known as Kousaka Kirino. After season 1, Kirino still sought Kyouske for "life advice" like she always has, though Kirino still hasn't shown any signs of affection towards her brother. Just when he thought that they would go back to their normal, ignorant lives, Kirino pulled him along to Akiba, telling him to hold her stuff for her. Welp, it seems like his dilemmas aren't over after all. Now he gets dragged into bigger problems, as other girls start dragging him into their problems relating Kirino as well, such as Ayase and Kuroneko. However, will Kyouske ever find true peace or happiness? Things don't ever go as it seems.

"Oreimo S2" is a step up in terms of story and character development, but the ending is something that not everyone will like, at all. High chances that people will freaking hate it as well. Though overall, it wasn't a bad run, with how everything ended, its highly unlikely that we won't see a season 3. However, if this was how it really ended, I can't say that I really liked the ending. For everything else though, I'd say it went pretty well, if you're willing to overlook some small issues here and there.