Opening Songs
Season 1 OP - Keikenchi Jousouchu (Marina Inoue, Rina Satou, Minori Chihara)
Season 2 OP - Kokoro No Tsubasa (Marina Inoue, Rina Satou, Minori Chihara)
Season 3 OP - Keikenchi Soku Joujou (Marina Inoue, Rina Satou, Minori Chihara)

Ending Songs
Season 1 ED - Colorful Days (Marina Inoue, Rina Satou, Minori Chihara)
Season 2 ED - Sono Koe Ga Kiki Takute (Marina Inoue, Rina Satou, Minori Chihara)
Season 3 ED - Zettai Colorful Sengan (Marina Inoue, Rina Satou, Minori Chihara)

Genre: Comedy, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 13 each season

I haven't been following "Minami-Ke" until recently, which I'm pretty ashamed of. When I was looking through some of the newer animes, I noticed "Minami-Ke Tadaima", which was apparently a fourth season to the already long running "Minami-Ke" series. If something must have 4 seasons, it must be really good, that's what I thought, so I jumped straight in. However, "Minami-Ke", being the type of show that it is, is nothing more than another one of those daily life sitcom animes that feature a bunch of people just fooling around day after day. Not that I dislike these kinds of anime, but I'm just going to say that its another one of those types. If you enjoy "Lucky Star", "Seitokai No Ichizon" and the like, "Minami-Ke" might just be your cup of tea. Today though, I'm reviewing the first three seasons, not counting "Tadaima", I'm not quite done with that.

Can you spot the guy among these cuties?

Every single opening and ending song used in "Minami-Ke" are sang by the seiyuus of our 3 lovely sisters, Marina Inoue, Rina Satou and Minori Chihara. Most of the opening songs have a very similar theme about being catchy and energetic, with the exception of "Kokoro No Tsubasa", which was the opening song in "Okawari", that one sounded a little too trance-ish, sounded more like an opening song for a fighting anime IMO. The other 2 fit just fine, I like "Keikenchi Soku Joujou" more because it sounds like a cheesy rock tune from a girl band. The ending songs sound pretty same-ish, not much to talk about here.

Rating: 7.5/10

My cousin calls the type of show that "Minami-Ke" belongs to as "slack animes", because that's basically what it is. Its one of those animes that you pop in when you're bored, have nothing to do and just want to laugh or halfheartedly watch something. Its as simple and as slack as it gets, though watching the lives of the Minami sisters isn't exactly a boorish thing. Sometimes its funny and kicks the atmosphere right out of the park, sometimes entire episodes just consists of a bunch of people hanging out in the living room, doing nothing but eating oranges and watching TV, whilst quarreling over who gets that final piece of donut. Yep, its usually funny like that. Many characters join in on the fun along the way, and most of them are pretty damn likable.

Little sister abuse!

The story focuses on the lives of three sisters. The eldest one Haruka Minami is a responsible high school student who looks after her younger sisters. The second sister Kana Minami is an idiot in all reform, and only tries to think for herself all the time, being lazy as hell. The third sister Chiaki Minami is an elementary school prodigy, respected by her piers for her superior intelligence, though she often lacks common sense at times. These 3 sisters make friends at school and they always gather at home to do stupid stuff together. Kana's stupidity and natural charisma, Chiaki's lack of common sense, and Haruka's calm personality...everything together is so different, which is what makes everything so great. A mish-mash of different personalities can sometime mean very different things.

So that's "Minami-Ke". Simply just watching the lives of 3 younger sisters can be rather amusing at times, and it shows that here. It's not something you'll want to die watching for, but its easily something you can pop in during your midnight snack and just watch. If you enjoy slacky shows with no purpose whatsoever, "Minami-Ke" will fit in nicely.