Hataraku Maou Sama

I walked into "Hataraku Maou Sama" hoping to be impressed. Of course, the sheer amount of good comedy, solid plot and great characters impressed me to no end. I loved it, and I can't wait for a season 2. In my opinion, no one can be better than this guy.

Badass? Wait till you see him after this.

The anime is already full of ridiculous characters, with the great demon king working as an employee at McDonald's (McRonald's), and the great hero working as a call girl. What can they do to make things even better? Throw in another great historic figure, someone with great power. Who else fits the role more than one of Maou's great generals, Lucifer. This crazy son of a bitch not only fits in as a minor badass villain early on, he grows to become lower than the rest of the cast!

When Lucifer first appears, he seemed to be a great scum. Using all his powers against the already weakened Maou and Alsiel, he easily destroyed them. He even takes Chiho as a hostage to make everyone more pumped just to fight him. After getting his ass beat though, his character takes a complete 180. He moves in to Maou's appartment as he has nowhere to go, and well, he just does nothing.

While Maou and Alsiel are working their asses off in their own ways to sustain themselves, they have to work harder now to sustain Lucifer, now named Urushihara, as he does nothing but stay at home as a NEET. The great demon general Lucifer, staying in an apartment as  NEET, surfing the net and playing games all day....how freaking stupid is that? But in an anime like "Hataraku Maou Sama", his character just fits right in. He just doesn't want to leave the apartment, and even asks everyone to go fetch his PSP for him.

Lucky Star

Meh, I'm not even gonna bother talking too much about this, because its pretty much common sense to otakus now. "Lucky Star" is one of the most mainstream comedy/slice of life animes out there, and here's to one of the greatest loli airheads ever made!


"Lucky Star" isn't a serious anime anyway, so lets all make way for non-serious characters, and that's Konata. As the main character for the ridiculous series, she fits in 100%. She is the epitome of laziness, and she's the embodiment of almost all otakus watching the anime, which is why most of us otakus can relate to her 100%. Without a doubt, she deserves her stupidly devised handle name, and I bet my ass that no one else fits it more than she does: Legendary girl A!

Konata is otaku, and a big one at that. She rushes home day after day to record Haruhi episodes, she keeps tons of figurines, she plays MMOs, she reads light novels, she reads manga, and she even reads those damn anime magazines. She whines about seiyuus changing, she whines about censorship in anime, she's basically a girl that every otaku wants to befriend. More often than not she drags her non-otaku friends into her crazy business, without giving any f**ks.

Yep, Konata gives zero f**ks, zero. Just look at her face, she's never opened her eyes before. Her very character design already shows us someone who just does not give a flying f**k whatsoever, and the character she turned out to be was really someone that we could all like. When you think "Lucky Star", you think Konata.

Maouyu Maou Yusha

I reviewed this not too long ago, so I won't go too deep about describing "Maoyu Maou Yusha". Think of it as a medieval diplomatic, politic esque anime with some magic mixed in. Quite a few good characters here, here's who I like most.

She needs more screen time!

"Maoyu" is pretty huge. There's quite a lot going on, and we don't get screen time on some of the more unimportant characters. Like this girl right here, the Female Magician. She doesn't look like much, she doesn't appear for a huge majority of the anime, but she really deserves more screen time. Really, a lot more! When she was introduced to the gang, it was already so late into the series, it didn't matter by then...

Female Magician is one of the main members of the Hero's party at the very start of the anime, alongside Female Knight and Archer. Things were alright until the Hero charged along headfirst into the Demon King's castle, then the party fell apart. Not much was known about what happened to the Female Magician, but it was known that she stayed in the demon realm. Coincidence? I don't think so.

She later appeared to help the Hero, and my god is she CRAZY. I love a chick with split personalities, and one as crazy as the Female Magician was really welcome in "Maoyu". She's usually a quiet, unspoken girl that usually doesn't say much, but against the frozen enemies she reined hell upon them whilst screaming like a mad woman. It was a good sight to behold. Also, she tends to sleep alot from what we saw, and I like lazy girls as much as the next guy.