Opening songs
OP 1 - Endless story (Yukari Tamura)
OP 2 - Mon (Eri Kitamura)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Shirushi (Eri Kitamua)
ED 2 - Sympathy of love (Yukari Tamura)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance


What happens when a loli in your everyday average harem/action anime is actually a mindf**ked little girl that wants to kill everything and everyone in sight. "C3" looked like a freaking highschool romance harem anime on sight, but I never knew what kind of dark, twisted shit I was getting myself into. The world of "C3" shares the same similarities as animes like "Macademi Wasshoi", "Omamori Himari" and even "Asura Cryin", but with heroines that may scare the crap out of you. Blood and violence behold, this anime is pretty different from a few others in its genre. However, for the sake of moe and because you need to watch something, all you otakus will probably flock to it like just any other anime.

Not all lolis are nice and adorable.

I have listened to so many anime openings that most of them sound so similar. "Endless Story" by Yukari Tamura (seiyuu of Fear) is a pretty average pop song you'd listen to in most animes for openings. It has a little bit of that Japanese cultural feel to it with the strings, but it doesn't do that very well and honestly it doesn't fit the theme with the anime. The first ending, "Shirushi" by Eri Kitamura (seiyuu of Kirika) is pretty slow and incredibly not suited for "my style", all the more so with the 2nd ending, "Sympathy of love" by Yukari Tamura. However, the 2nd opening, "Mon" by Eri Kitamura, is a great song, probably the best out of all songs used. It carries the same Japanese cultural feel that the first opening has, but it feels a lot more badass with the heavy rifts and overall rock feel.

Rating: 7.5/10

"C3" has some pretty cool stuff going for it. It's a little bit of a harem, and attempts to go for that really light hearted feel with the way most of the characters are. However, most of these characters also has a second side to them which makes them scary, unthinkable and sometimes just plain creepy. Its this switch between the 2 sides that make most of these characters really interesting. You may like one side of them, and the other side comes out during an intense battle scene and suddenly everything isn't all sunshine and rainbows anymore. "C3" is cool like that, and its also probably why I find it a little bit different compared to other animes in the same genre.


Haruaki is a cursed young man. He just wants to live his life normally, however his dad from overseas always sends useless antiques his way. These antiques are all cursed, and because his house has a natural ability to suck curses out of cursed objects, the antiques become nothing but useless junk. However, one day a antique was sent his way, and it was a gigantic cube. Thinking that it was another one of the regular junk that his father usually sends, he keeps it in the attic. However at night he sees a naked young girl in his kitchen yearning for food, and after some investigating he knows that the girl is the cube that got sent earlier in the day. Haruaki thinks nothing of her, but when she gets attacked by an unknown enemy, he jumps to her aid. This begins the relationship of Haruaki with Fear, the girl in the cube.

"C3" isn't as normal as you'd think. But because of that, I find that it's indifference is easily one of the sexier things I have seen in anime. I love some of the characters, and the visual style is also pretty good for what it is. Do not be fooled by the light-hearted cover art, "C3" is a lot more than your regular romance comedy harem anime.