"Kyoukai Senjou Horizon" is a high school themed, sci-fi combat anime centering around wars between gigantic mecha-ships carrying cities. Its an amazing concept and certainly one of the greater animes that I have seen. "Kiss x Sis" is just ecchi taken to a whole new level. Its been awhile since I last saw it, but I guarantee you, it is fan service overload x 1000. Any more and it would be hentai. "Mai-Hime" is just this very old anime that I watched years ago. Its like an all-girl version of "Masked Rider Ryuuki", where chosen ones with power fight each other. But its really awesome though.

Kyoukai Senjou Horizon

Behold, the age of high school, fighting based animes that look incredibly badass. "Kyoukai Senjou Horizon" captures the perfect world that it resides in, where humanity and its residents depend on their high school dictators that pretty much are mini shinigamis in their own different ways. Lots of cool characters and powers to choose from, which makes centering out a main favorite difficult.

Graceful as a swan, deadly as a bee.

Believe me this was a difficult choice to make as many of the characters in the anime are pretty damn awesome, but if I were to mention the most memorable character in the show, it'd have to be Kimi. I mean, she's a big breasted, cocky, princess-like, lady that just likes to talk shit to everyone while not doing anything remotely useful. When anyone would have seen her for the first time, they'd think, "meh, she's going to just be emotional support for Tori as his sister..." Well, never have you been so wrong.

Kimi is a BOSS lady. She talks like a cocky bitch because she CAN. Hands down she'd probably shit on the entire class except for a few of the stronger ones, and you would never expect her to be THIS powerful just by looking at her. She caught me (and probably anyone watching this) off surprise when she decided to take on Futayo in season one as a challenge. If they would lose that challenge, the class would loose their right to fight for Horizon, and Torii was like , "Well my sister is really scary, so its kay!"

Well needless to say, she is powerful as all hell, with her dance and complimentary spirit, she could not be touched, almost. Futayo Honda was a super strong female fighter that wielding the all-powerful slicing dragonfly, but even with that she lost to Kimi and her shenanigans. Having so much defense and advantages during a battle can be scary, and someone as sly as Kimi could use that to outwit anyone. In season 2 she played a smaller role, but it still looked badass when she walked into a gravity crushing field like taking a stroll in the park to save her friend.

Kiss X Sis

"Kiss x Sis" is pretty old now, 3 years old to be exact, and it has been quite awhile since I last reviewed it. I can't remember much about it now thinking back, other than it just being a massive fan service festival with boobs, panties and tons of suggestive themes. I wasn't even such an anime nut back then, I should have saved this for a later time....The OVA is still ongoing though.

Hi there, queens of incest!

I really wanted to put Kiryuu sensei~~...but she's just a fap source, she didn't really have much forms of being liked other than being a sexy big busted virgin teacher that would masturbate herself to Keita making seductive sounds that would make anybody have instant nosebleed.....Ako and Riko are pretty much kind of one pair, so I'll just list both of them together. Sure they have vastly different personalities, but both of them just work together to be such a likable pair of sisters.

If Keita doesn't want them, he can give them to me :3. Ako and Riko are pretty hot anime girls but nothing compared to sexy Kiryuu. Instead, what makes them likable is how they decide to seduce and try to win Keita over each day. Because of this and that both of them are pretty different from each other, it makes every new episode something to look forward, as you'd want to know which of the two would prevail for that day.

Ako is more of the perfect sister that is smart and talented, while Riko is just the sulky girl who tries to take advantage of her sister just by having a slighter bigger bust size. Both are really likable, and you just can't help but smile when they try to fight over their brother, when they are both after the same goal. In the last episode of the anime, Keita kissing the feverish sisters after all they have done for him, was a wonderful sight.


Oh man, nostalgia strikes again. "Mai-Hime" was one of the first animes that I actually watched and took a massive liking to, and up to today, it still remains as one of the best animes I have seen. Seeing characters that you like and get attached to "die", was really a new experience for me back then and it really glued me to the screen good.

You don't want to mess with her alright....

Nao is really badass. She's truly one of the first anti-hero characters I have ever experienced in an anime. She may have been bad, but wasn't a total villain as well. She was just one of those girls that didn't like certain things too much, and may have went to quite an extent to make things the way she liked them. Without going too much into detail, she's just a massive badass, and she has the coolest looking weapons/child compared to everyone else.

Just look at them sexy strings and that seductive pose. SHE IS the most seductive girl among-st the entire cast, to me anyway. And when I mean sexy, I don't mean sexually (she is hot, but still), its just that you can't resist this girl. Retaining her way as a psychopathic girl who loathes men was just a little hobby of hers, and while she was given this power, her attitude to not give a f**k about the game was pretty likable.

Of course, when shit started to get real, she could hold up her own too. Eventually someone decided to break the peaceful times and guess who was attacked? Unfortunately, they attacked Nao, and that was the beginning of the end. The way Nao fights is just pure mockery. Just look at how she handles with Natsuki, she ties her up all the time and just insults her like a true bully. She ain't playing around!