Seath The Scaleless
HP: 5534
Skills: Frost breath vertical, Frost breath horizontal, Tail whips, Tail smash*, Crystal nova*
Souls: 60000

Difficulty: 2.5/5
Times died on 1st playthrough: 1

With almost everything else out of the way, the only thing we have left are the four soul lords, you're in for a tough one. Well after the shenanigans in the Painted world, its time to kill off the first soul lord, for me, I took on the one nearest to me, the one residing in the Duke's Archives, Seath The Scaleless. You have to fight him twice actually, the first time you go against him you will have to lose, because he regenerates his health on top of the archives. After dieing to him and moving on to the crystal caves to destroy his shard that keeps him alive, the tries to stop you. This time you can kill him for real. He is the boss of Crystal Cave.

Watch out for my ICE BREATH ATTACK

Honestly, being one of the dragon bosses in the game, Seath is one cool ass dude. As a half dragon, the has the upper body of one and his lower body is just a massive clump of crystals and three tentacles/tails that sprout out of it. However, for such a badass looking boss, Seath is really not that hard once you get used to him. The only back draw to fighting Seath is that is you die to any of his crystal related attacks, you get cursed, which is a mighty f**ked up status effect in the game. His attacks though, are easy to see through.

Frost breath vertical- He kicks his head back and breaths an entire breath of ice, covering the area in front of his body, followed by conjuring his breath forward, creating a trail of crystals in a straight path. Easily dodged as his breath is slow. Deals minor damage and inflicts curse periodically as you stand on top of it.

Frost breath horizontal- Breaths a breath of ice that spreads through horizontally, creating a trail of crystals in front of his body, blocking your advance. Same as the vertical attack, its slow and is easily dodged. Deals minor damage and inflicts curse periodically as you stand on top of it.

Tail whips- He just lashes his tails at you for some medium damage when you are near them, can be blocked or dodged easily.

Tail smash*- He lifts his fails and smashes him on top of you for massive damage. Can be blocked, but takes massive stamina upon blocking it. 

Crystal nova*- He pulls off a super saiyan and lets out a deafening roar, followed by covering the entire area around him in powerful crystals. Upon impact with the crystals you are flung into the air, you take medium damage, and your curse bar fills up. Run as far as you can when you see him charge his roar.

As mentioned earlier, he's actually not that hard. Being a gigantic dragon thingy, he telegraphs most of his attacks, so its easy to see them coming and act accordingly. The only thing you need to watch out for are his crystal attacks, as they curse you. Also, note that before you can even damage him, you need to destroy the crystal shard at the back of the arena or else he will keep on regenerating health. You can really take this boss on any way you want since he is so freaking big and he isn't the fastest guy around, though I do feel ranged fighters have a WAY easier time against this guy.


Lets break down his fairly simple attacks. Take note that after each of his heavily telegraphed attacks, he has huge recovery time, so you have the leisure to walk up to him and cut him a few times. And since his next attack will be slow as well, you have lots of room to attack him. He has two forms of ice breaths, each will leave a trail of waking crystals that do minor damage as you step on them and fill up the curse bar. Needless to say if you get cursed you die instantly no matter how little damage you took so you have to be careful about how long you stand on the crystals.

The first ice breath is vertical. This one is probably his most reliable form of defense against ranged fighters like archers or mages. Since the path of crystals after the attack is pretty wide, you have to move away from it. After the attack, ranged fighters can continue to attack. As for melee fighters, right as he begins his vertical ice breath, you can just run up to him, stay out of the crystal path, and just cut him for good damage. His horizontal ice breath is more to fend off against melee fighters. Rolling back is the best way to counter this, while ranged fighters can just stay away and hit him during the entire attack animation for some really easy damage to whittle his high health pool.

For melee fighters, you will up in his face most of the time, nears his tails, and this leads us to his next two attacks. Tail whips is something he likes to do when you stand too close to his tails. He just sways them to damage and knock you back. These whips do medium damage, but can be blocked easily. Since his tail related attacks do come out faster  than most of his attacks, dodging might take some practice, but blocking is a simple solution since the stamina reduction isn't too devastating.

His tail smash however, is the more worrying attack for you to worry about. Like the tail whips, this one comes out quick as well, but does a lot more damage and more stamina reduction on block. What's worse is that this one might probably leave you flat on the ground. As you have to take some time to get up again, this might leave you open for another attack. For the tail smash, its recommended that you dodge it, but blocking works as well if you got the stamina to back it up.

This is some really badass art of Seath.

His final and most dangerous attack is the crystal nova, the attack he uses to kill you the first time you fought against him in the Duke's Archives. He charges up an immense energy and roars, leaving a wake of crystals that envelop a huge part of the map. Upon impact with the crystals you knocked into the air while taking medium damage, and while all this is happening your curse gauge is filling up. In most cases where you don't have decent curse resistance armor, you might get instantly cursed in this one attack if you are caught in the center of the crystal explosion out-mass.

What you want to do is just run as far as you can. When you see the energy well up in him, just make a break for it. Spring as far as you can away because this attack eats up a huge portion of the map, and if he does it at the very center of the map you might be screwed. Hugging the walls may be a good solution. When the crystals subside that is your cue to go back in. He usually does this more when he is close to death so finishing the fight quickly when he reaches that critical point is a good idea.

He isn't that hard at all. For someone so huge, he is easy to read and while he has a lot of health, his lack of fast attacks mean that you can continuously hit him with heavy weapons and do massive damage to him quickly. He drops 60000 souls for your trouble, which is a lot of souls, and quite standard for a soul lord boss, which you will be facing more as you progress.