I'm bored, I'll just post whoever is hot now, virtual women are sexy anyway. Once again, story, personality and whatnot do not matter, its all about the sexiness.

The true beauty among the "Devil Survivor 2" cast.

Name: Makoto Sako
From: Shin megami tensei:Devil Survivor 2

No doubt about it, Makoto is hot. She has big boobs, but unfortunately most of the cast from "Devil Survivor 2" have some crazy big bust sizes so she isn't really in the top of the chart. HOWEVER, she is easily the sexiest of the entire "Devil Survivor 2" cast. The anime does a pretty horrible representation of her (guh, they pretty much rushed the entire to allow zero characterization), and the game is where its at, but Miyuki Sawashiro as her seiyuu is just too good. Imagine her with all her tsundere/flustered/embarrassed moments in game with Miyuki Sawashiro's voice.... NOOO anime, why you go in depth with the characters?!?

I'm sure there are no words needed.

Name: Eve
From: Needless

Eve has always been the mainstay sexy girl of "Needless", there's no doubt about it. Sure there are some really REALLY good contenders for this spot (Aruka, Setsuna come to mind), but Eve takes it. What's more is that in the anime they try to shove down so much sexy Eve moments into our throats, its hard to not take that into consideration. The way she drinks the energy drink for the first time looks super slutty, and then all of that drink just sprays onto her like a bunch of ***. Then she gets bondaged at the Simon HQ, gets brainwashed, gets groped by Setsuna, and wears a school uniform. Yeah, how isn't she hot again? The only thing that sort of brings down her sexy level, is the fact that she is retarded more than half of the time.

No, as much as I want to, I can't put hentai CG art here.

Name: Kosame
From: Hoshizora No Memoria

Well I did say that "Hoshizora No Memoria" has some pretty great H-scenes, I ain't lying one bit. Out of all the heroines, I'd say the mystery girl, Komomo and Kosame has the best ones, but the sexiest girl has to be Kosame, despite Komomo being constantly groped by her twin sister, Kosame still takes it. I have a thing for tsundere girls, but Kosame's calm demeanor only proved to be only for seductive during the H-scenes. And honestly, twin tails are kind of "meh" to me now, while both sisters have a great pair of knockers, I'll take Kosame any day. Plus, her route is more emotional in my opinion.

I'm sure many of you have read doujins.

Name: Yami
From: To Love Ru series

My god, the "To Love Ru" series is the pinnacle of harems around the world. The amount of girls in this anime is off the top, and of course, most of them are hot in their own way. Yami stands on the middle ground, without having big boobs or small boobs, she's kind of just there, which makes her hot in a way. She still leans on the smaller side, but she has probably the sexiest outfit of all the girls in the show. How she always says not to do "pervertic things" but always gets groped/molested by many things just makes it so seductively ironic.

Exclusive to anime only.

Name: Erica Blandeel
From: Campione

Erica is the main heroine in "Campione", and all main heroines have to be attractive somehow (either they sport an incredibly sexy body or end up being flat chested lolis). Just look at those knockers, Erica is a sexy, seductive young woman that gets drunk easily, likes to make out and fights like a true warrior. Her body is sexy beyond hell, which is pretty much expected nowadays with the over-emergence of busty heroines. See the first episode, having a first hand glimpse of Erica in her underwear while drunk lying on a bed is already more than enough sexiness.

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