Opening songs
OP 1 - Synchrogazer (Nana Mizuki)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Meteor light (Ayahi Takagaki)

Genre: Action

Episodes: 12


Well that pretty much sums up "Senki Zesshou Symphogear". What happens when you take mahou shoujo and make the girls sing songs to power up? "Symphogear". What about "Strike Witches" where everybody sings and gains badass armor? "Symphogear". Oh wait how abou-...."Symphogear". Basically, take all the shounen loli animes with super powered girls and give it a theme about songs and singing, you get "Senki Zesshou Symphogear". For some reason, this anime was really hyped up, and though I thought it was pretty good, it didn't really deserve the hype that it received..other than the fact that Nana Mizuki is in it. Alright, so how do our mecha-hybrid magical singing fighting girls fare against the rest of the crowd?

Tsubasa love~~

Well, for an anime that takes singing as one of its major themes, they already did a great job getting Nana Mizuki into it. Not only is she one of the characters, she sang the opening song, "Synchrogazer", which is probably my favorite song from her up to date. It just feels super epic, while having a good mix of electronic music in it, along with all its orchestral epicness. A pretty damn badass opening in my opinion, and I think everyone who watches the anime thinks so too. The ending song, for some reason, is also massively badass, and its "Meteor light" by Ayahi Takagaki, the seiyuu of Chris. Its a great dance track that doesn't really fit for an ending song, though I can't really complain because it sounds THAT good.

Rating: 7.5/10

Its pretty good. Its not great, but it pretty good. To be honest any of the prior action before last few episodes are pretty sub par or mediocre at best, but the anime has some great character development and emotional value. Once again, friendship is the theme (like almost every fking anime out there), and how the characters grow to like each other becomes quite...satisfying to watch. The characters start off as completely dis-likable and slowly grow into ones that you like or can relate to. Seiyuu quality is top notch, and the transformations look pretty badass on the visuals side, like a psuedo mecha magical girl hybrid with badass weapons (except for the main character, because main characters have to always suck).

Sing! Kill! Sing more!

Hibiki is a regular girl like any other with a great passion for music. One day her best friend Miku invites her to go for a concert held by Zwei Wing, an incredibly well received musical duo that is well known throughout Japan. On the actual day of the concert itself, Miku couldn't make it, which meant Hibiki had to go alone. She enjoyed the concert to great extent, but everything was ruined when the Noise attacked ("The World Ends With You" much?). The Noise destroyed most of the stadium and killed a lot of people. Hibiki was trapped and almost killed by a group of Noise, but was saved by Kanade, one of the duo of Zwei Wing. Kanade sacrificed herself to make sure Hibiki came out alive, and Hibiki never forgotten that ever since. Two years later Hibiki realized that she had the power to fight the Noise, and works with Tsubasa, the surviving member of Zwei Wing, to fight the Noise.

"Senki Zesshou Symphogear" is a good experience for the most part, and while it centers on singing, its very different from stuff like "IdolM@ster". It focuses more on its action, though most of the nice stuff only comes later. It should appeal to those who are into full-female cast animes with stuff like action, monster killing and friendship in it. As mentioned earlier, characters may seem like bitches early on, but really grow into likable characters later on.